I don't want the sunshine
if it doesn't shine in your eyes
I don't want warmth
if it's not in your arms
I won't worship the moon
if it won't lead you home
how I envy the winds that bear the traces of your scent
I bless the soil that taps to the tunes of your footsteps
Blessed are those who bask in the sounds of your voice
as you partake in conversations
that should have been with me
I still remember those moments
when we laid awake at night,
our forms flawlessly adorning the lawn,
when we counted the stars in the sky
and you said the brightest one was mine
 you kissed me a little
we ended up making love
our bodies in sync with our leaping hearts
and the neighbours almost saw us
those moments haunt me
to the edge
of destruction
as I mourn
the absence
of your affection