I love them big and chunky, with a voluptuous bosom, beautiful thunder thighs and legs as beautiful as those of the Zulu concubines the lady is not big. I love heavy presence, lol literally in this case. She has to be heavy so that like a an Egyptian I can worship the ground she walks on, I want to look at that chunky being and see the ancient Xhosa queens resurrect. If she is not big, I don't even look her way - Nomonde speaketh


"Don't Know Why" – Norah Jones

I waited 'til I saw the sun
I don't know why I didn't come
I left you by the house of fun
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come

When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly away
Instead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind

Out across the endless sea
I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road along

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind

Something has to make you run
I don't know why I didn't come
I feel as empty as a drum
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come

Come away with me – Norah Jones

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

Soak me wet

with all the buckets of your love

My Kinda Lady

I like me a lady who reads so I can be saturated in her wisdom as she shares with me the tales of her tales, as she batters me with the wounds of her learned words. Like in the biblical times have her heal me with her mere presence as she preaches words of her imaginary journeys, pin my ears back to her as she shares tales of her encounters with the Moses and the Adams of yesterday. I want me a lady who draws so she can sketch away our footsteps to tomorrow, rays of the sun and echoes whispers of the moon. I want me a lady who paints so she can paint me in her world with the colours of her world, colours of rebirth, crafting every step with brushes of hope, the rainbow of painted dreams. I want me a lady who is a dancer so she sways me away from all that aches to the stage of utter freedom tapping to hymns of salvation, break dancing away from pessimism to positive realisations. I want me lady who is a prayer warrior so she can intercede on my behalf when words flee from me, when my rose of faith withers away, when my skin becomes a victim to earthly desires. I want me a lady who honours her creator with all the art in the word, dedicating reverence to the novelist of the universe in all her thoughts. I want me a lady capable to do all a man can do in the most lady like manner wearing the brightest of smiles, a lady whose presence cannot go unnoticed only for her humility, a lady who brightens the darkest of rooms with her speech, a lady who turns the stiffest of heads with her Godly beauty, a lady who oozes God’s glory, a saver of lost soul by her mere presence, a preacher of God’s word.

Abba Father

Ambushed by the thieves of life
Tested by the authors of time
Life stood still as I buried a soul
Abba Father
I hailed to my creator
seeking his face
that seemed buried in the mud
Winds brushed the life off my cheeks
Cracks of life, marinaded by sorrow
Tears, a fountain of agony
No difference between my skin and pain
Abba Father
I yielded my soul to whoever would take it
Perplexed, my life took detour to misery
Abba Father
I wept to my redeemer
Mugged by the deathly hallows
Stripped off of faith
Nearing to an end bucket of patience
Abba Father
I grovelled to the heir of the Kingdom
In garments of despair I hummed tunes seeking redemption
Abba Father
I married the night of darkness
Seeking light at nightfall
Calling whomever would lend an ear
Abba Father
I felt him run his fingers of falsity down my spine
Wrapped in all that glitters he stood
To never wither he pleaded to remain
His facade as old as time
Dressed in fabrics of tricks
Fixated I stood at the edge of glory
Counting the coins of my decease veiled with wealth
He offered me the time of yesterday
Abba Father
I took a wrong turn in the right lane
Turned a blind eye to his flashy promises
One by one I ate from my wounds
Abba Father
Why have you forsaken me?

to her

I cannot have made it this far up or anywhere better in life with her

In the storms she carried me

Hid tears behind a million blinks to remain my heroine

Would not be alive if it weren't for her

My husband she is

The heir of the kingdom that is my heart

My glimpse of hope

My pride, my Gold crown

My prized possession

My everlasting

The rose of my path

The flower of my dreams

My soul will never wither

My hope flourished

My endless beginning


I am glad to have been that person you pressed hard against your chest when you thought you couldn't go a mile further

The one blessed with the river of your tears as you laid on my bosom seeking hope

The one whose hand you squeezed hard when you wanted to take that leap

Humbled to have been the one whose number you dialled when you were stranded

The one whose name came to your mind when you needed someone to love
and we named her fall

knowing her impact

no longer was she to be without a name

Letters to Fall

Like the pages of the bible you lay on my mind

Screaming biblical scriptures

Masturbating with the heavens to keep you warm

Climaxing the depths of my desires with your presence

I run my fingers across your world

You curl up in pleasure seeking more

Moaning for my presence

In moist conditions you dwell

Gushing fountains of pleasure

tapping to my caress

The forbidden fruit you were

Defied nature so I could play hide and seek with you

Against all odds I came for you

Beat the winds of rejection to make you see

Determined to make you notice

that hand I waved as I screamed hello

in pursuit to catch your eye

Trying to be louder than the birds in your mind

Against the traffic of your thoughts

I serenaded you with the words of truth

Without wealth I stood before you

Vouching with my mere words that I will treat you well

Like a Goddess I will honour you

My empress of love I will shower you with only affection

Without a crown of my own I vowed to handle you like royalty

Make you smile brighter than the sun

Like the moon I will brighten even the darkest of nights

I will bring you every star so you can make that wish

Like Pocohantas I buried my soul in yours without the approval of the elders

Against the authority of our forefathers we fell in love



You have embedded your soul within mine
I have seen you cry a river
I want to keep out of harms’ way
We have become imprinted to each other
Our souls helplessly tangled
Never to be disentangled
My faultless kinda obsession
My natural kinda high
My daily spiritual fix
My dangerous prescription
The warmth of your arms I always long for
In my sleep
I taste you
Feast on thoughts that make you human
My lips shudder
At the thought of your juices
Dripping down like honey
My eyes wander around
Searching for your presence
Wanting to touch you
Caress your from the depths of your soul
I frisson at the sight of your legs wrapped around my upper body
Like a crown you wrap them around my head
Like a sexual demon
I gaze at your sacred spot
Fondling her like she can speak
Adorning her with every lick from my tongue
She drips like a fountain
A heavenly stream
Wet adorations
Sticky celebrations
In thanksgiving
I swallow your wet offerings
With gushes of sexual pleasures
I honour you
Affording you with
The wet sticky rewards


I want to cuddle. Maybe kiss a little. Touch you a little. Make you cringe a little. And maybe explore the inner world of you

Finally two decades and a half

My birthday finally came and my friends tried to make it the best day of my life. I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door at 12am and I was very irritated. I was living my life large in that dream and that piercing knock was taking away my cool. It was Odette, with a big chocolate cake in her hands, her and Nomonde singing the classic "Happy birthday" song with smiles on their faces that I wouldn't trade for anything. I was humbled, moved to tears, I haven't smiled like that in a long while. Have been hit hard by life that I thought my day would not be any different of a day. I was spoilt rotten throughout the day, sadness consumed me a little when alone but they were there, knowing exactly that my world has recently been disrupted, they stood there dressed in smiles as if it were their favourite garment, faces overflowing with patience, voices a loud as a lion roar, singing happy tunes, bodies flowing like water as they danced to the music they played. Like a child they treated me, from the cleaning of my place, packing away of my clothes which are always all over the floor, making of my bed, doing my hair and the dinner, Lord they even helped me bath and dressed me just like a baby. Everything was perfect, I couldn’t change it in any way, I may not have spent it with all the people that I love but it was a perfect day. I felt happy and that feeling I haven’t felt in a long while. I truly am blessed and it is in such times that true friends will manifest themselves. Oh but I love those women.

New friendships

Never have I believed in angels
Only have I know loneliness
Merry my heart feels by your mere presence
On my soul you have built your house
New beginning this feels like
Deeper you have buried your claws in my soul
Every day, every minute, I celebrate your presence


Met my heart and made it yours

Butterflies still reign in my stomach when visions of you become apparent

Always you have succeeded to mend my heart

Loyalty you have shown to me unconditionally

Inside my soul you dwell

Reconciliation with the lifeless

It is only after I strolled on grounds purposed for the lifeless to lay that I realised how blessed I am to be full of life. It is only after I was in utter solidarity with the dead that I realised how much time I still have to seek redemption from those whose redemption I seek, to make right all the wrongs I have committed, to plead guilty to my crimes, to clear my name from false allegations, to love openly those I fear to love, to love unconditionally those I hold dearest to my heart, to release myself from grudges that I still bear of yesterday's calamities, to cease entertaining those who couldn't be bothered by my existence and to resurrect my mind from all the mentality of lifelessness it delights dwelling in.

When the death messenger pays one a visit, not even a repentant prayer can keep her away for she has been given authority to knock down without remorse every door of life. Without warning she will drain every vein bearing traces of life.  Allowing no opposition she will take away the ones we care for. She is the home wrecker, the community mistress who pays no mind to gender or race, only for that do I salute her. She is a woman whose presence never goes unnoticed. She has led to the lunacy of others, running through their minds ruthlessly like lice on hair seeking embrace as if she were a friend. Memories will linger in every space, every thought, and every emotion. She will leave emptiness in the souls of those who have had the blessing of her encounter. I live to tell the tales of her ambush.

 It’s been almost 4 years since my father passed away, have never fully mourned his departure and never will I. I merrily delight in the pain as it is the only thing that proves that he was once here, pain is the only connection I have with him. I still beat myself up for not having been there when he left, maybe had I been there, he would still be alive, maybe had I been there he would have been motivated to keep on the armour of faith. Maybe he needed me, maybe he called for me, maybe he wanted to say good-bye, maybe the angels would have spared his life if they saw me cry. Maybe he would have stayed a little longer, fought a little harder, or even make a pact with the heavens to breathe a little longer if he saw the void that would find homage in my soul if he left. It pains me that I wasn't there to encourage his last battle, and witness or even be the cause of his last smile and last laugh.

 I avoided everything that reminded me of him, no pictures of him on my phone, no birthday reminders of him on my phone and no visits to his family.  I purposely made myself forget the very day of his departure so I am not reminded of the anniversary of his death every year, maybe dwell in pain a little longer in remembrance of him to an extent that I stopped going home for a while, but the situation was bigger than me, my not going home affected my mother, she needed me, she needed to mourn her husband and it was selfish of me to deprive her of my presence just so I can deal with his absence. I found way to home again, to mend my mother’s heart and to be the friend and daughter she always appreciated me for.

 I became a stranger to myself, my body felt heavy as if it needed release and I wasn't about to abide to such weakness  but  I knew something bigger than that was to come, sadly I didn't know how to prepare for it should it be a battle of some sort. That dreadful moment I dodged for the past 3 years finally came, the battle of a lifetime and my rival was myself. I had to do myself in for me to be alive, to let go of things I held on, things I deemed necessary for my keeping his spirit alive. Unexplained outburst of tears, constant snapping at people, withdrawal, feeling of aloofness, I was obviously dealing with something that was unknown even to myself. Truth is I was mourning my father's death and I hated every second of it, when you mourn someone's loss, you are indirectly coming to terms with the way things are, letting go of what was once perfect to you and I wasn't geared up for that yet, even the angels failed to warn me for this battle, life was unfair, I could never let my father go, I owed him that much, memories of him were all that I had left of him, so if feeling empty and scared came as a package of missing him, I was game.

 My level of sanity quickly worsened, I had to choose between life and memories, somehow memories seemed more vital than life, but I knew people whose life  depend on my very life and for me to delight in memories life was necessary. Seeking no release from the captivity of my father's memories but salvation was imperative. I had to make a choice to live both for those who love me and for life's sake. I had to finally come face to face with the demons that keep me from slumber, to release the emotions that I have successfully bottled up for my own release and to cry the tears I never wanted to cry for my own salvation, for my own sanity and revival, so I called my Mother, asking her to take me to the place that still holds the ashes of my legendary father.

 Early Saturday morning we drove to the cemetery, my brother and sister also wanted to tag along so the trip became a family mini road trip, getting lost along the way, mom and brother fighting over directions and debating over who knows the shortest route to the cemetery. My sister and I never made a habit of stopping the arguments as they would kiss and make up, leaving you feeling stupid for playing the referee. So we let them yell and shout all they want until Mom's directions took us to a Cul de Sac, making my brother win the battle, for a while until he lost us again so we had to ask a stranger whose directions took us to the gate of the cemetery.

 Another argument between mother and son exploded when we drove in the cemetery, it was as if they waited for me to pass the security guards, in seconds after passing the gate, they were at it again, trying to find the tomb, both of them screaming left, right, left, right, my head about to explode. I, clothed in as much fabrics of politeness, asked them to shut up and let me drive, I was the driver after all, and they obliged without a fight, shaken by my authority, my mother nearly choked. Slowly we drove, trying to locate my father's indefinite bed, such silence was intimidating almost unfriendly surely ghostly, only hearing the sounds of the birds and the lonely wind that came through the wide open windows, the piercing cold followed the wind, they must have been good friends, never have I seen such harmony, it was as if the cold danced to the wind as if the cold was the muse to the wind, never had I borne witness to such chemistry.

 Still haunted by the silence that oozed loneliness, feeling a little uneasy and unsure, the wind and the cold still at the peak of their love making, I couldn't help but seek the face of my creator. The silence disturbed my already nearing to an end peace that I quickly sought heavenly interventions to at least preserve the little peace that still found dwelling in me. Finally we located the grounds that kept the remains of my father, in such poor state he laid but I have never felt such happiness within me, it was as if I was going to meet with him face to face but knowing he was there with me made me tap into my happy place, he became my happy place. We cleaned his tomb, made it look brand new, something about it felt biblical and therefore spiritual almost magical. I felt like he was around, listening to us reminisce about the good times we had while he still breathed the same air as us, those moments were priceless, never to be traded even for a mansion in the heart of New York City.

Time came when even denial couldn't aid my longing to see him, reality remained, he was gone to never return, only saw him in my dreams if I was lucky enough. Reality was here and she had authority and commanded me to listen, father was gone and what I had become would not be pleasing even to him who I always wanted to make proud, I had to snap out of it and fast. I had to say goodbye to father and hope that if the heavens be any fair, they lead me to him when my time on earth comes to an end. I hope he remembers me, if there is indeed life beyond death, I hope he again fathers me.

I sat on his tomb, for over an hour I sat there, in total silence, trying to connect with him if he was there, face deformed from all the tears, counting my loss, asking for his guidance, asking if he was proud, asking him for signs to show me that he hasn’t left me and cracking jokes with him hoping he laughs back in silence of course.

The visit had to be concluded, Mom had other commitments, so I cried the last tear, said the last words and shared the last epic story. The time I secretly feared had come, the time to go, the time to stop dancing to the rhymes of demons came, and I had to stop the music and take charge, I had to silent the voices that delighted in his loss. No longer will I stay victim to the things I had no control of, whose occurrence would have happened irrespective of my presence, it was time to stop questioning destiny and live my life as fated, treasuring moments worthy of such, crying tears of letting go and learning the lessons as destined.



What stands between me and my birthday is just one night... tonight, a night of remembrance that all that has seen darkness will soon bask in the light. The weekend leading to tomorrow was the worst one, my little star being raped, June 16 will never be the same again, it will always be a wound that will never heal, it will always anniversary pain and betrayal by the universe and even God himself. I never will understand why he let that happen, how he let that monster feast on her like that, beating her, strangling her, her head bald from his violence, I will never understand how he deemed a 12 year old worthy of such anguish. Such a beautiful soul, pure as himself, now speaking tales of what if’s, speaking tales of I should have stayed in a little longer. I can never understand how he God saw that fit to happen. Now we wait, for the results, now we wait to see if her innocence is all he took with him. Sadly I find myself still worshipping the God who permitted this, pleading with him to heal her, free her from whatever disease, hoping that maybe he listens, that maybe he comes through. A few hours before my birthday I spend asking questions that never will be dignified with answers, wearing a shirt of guilt, feeling maybe I could have done something said something, anything at all. Maybe my birth will be her rebirth.


June the 19th of 1987

It’s been a while since I spent even 30 minutes on my blog, work has been crazy and my current work station isn’t doing me any justice. Life has been a little crazy lately, love life on levels beyond amazing, friendships slowly being mended, wounds slowly covering, ego feeling a little less bruised, scars still telling tales of struggle, encounters and change and family still as they were, my family. Haven’t decided about whether I should be excited about my birthday next week, so much has happened in the last year and celebrations of any sort feels like I will be betraying myself. I as “Emo” as I will sound believe that I am greater in pain, wiser and more open to life’s lessons and happiness really has never been a feeling I boast about and giving her attention now is betraying my norms. Strangely I think about next week Tuesday and smile, I have come far, bruised and battered by life and all its lessons that are shitty at times but I am now wrapped in success stories, I bear witness to the greater side of life in all ways spiritual and otherwise.  I agree to have been fully submerged in all things dark once upon a time but it is in all those fucked up times that I have been introduced and re-introduced to my true identity and I know more of myself now that I did 5 years ago. So maybe my 25th birthday is worth celebrating, not because I am there yet in terms of success ladder or personal life, I know I am not yet there but I have borne witness to times destined to do me in and came out a warrior. I am looking forward to the Sms’s, phone calls, Facebook texts and of course personal visits from the people I truly love. It feels like it is going to be a great one and maybe I am excited and maybe I am looking forward to it.

Talk to me

Lay on me thick the words seeking freedom
Lay on me hard the words liberating so as to liberate me
Talk to me
Do that thing with your eyes, damn you always leave me hung up on you
Lure me to your world with words stimulating
Be my stimulant, peak me high with your words
Hold me tight with words,
up and down play with me,
make me call your name in words meant only to please you,
drive me insane with words only your touch can decipher,
control me,
oh laugh a little like you always do when you have me at levels begging for your mercy,

that evil sexy laugh kinda turns me on to levels too embarrassing to express,
twirl your words around my sacred being
Rub your words against my skin let's talk chemistry
Tap on me with words only we can hear
Murmur to me words only you can hear
In foreign languages let's converse seeking no understanding
All around the world with your mere words let me travel to worlds unknown
And when you please
When you are fully feasted
Fully liberated
Release me
To life

I want to be in your presence, dwell in your midst, be wooed by your beautiful words of silence, as we try and pay no mind to the truth revealed by the silence, as we try to cloud the silence with words unnecessary so we can pretend we are blind to see what the silence is showing us


The spirit of life

Pills lined up to serenade me in
Pain has successfully consumed me
Human life is not for me
Purposed to harm me
Sabotage and I have been "oned"
The angels of the afterlife await my arrival
Too exhausted to survive
Attempts to try to live now tiresome
Drenched in tears
In utter state of despair I dwelled
A product of disappointment I am
My appointment with the devil to materialize, such excitement
Sealed the last envelope
Smsed the last text
Heard the last voice
Prayed the last prayer
Ready and set to fly away
Away from the flesh that confined my liberty
Cried a bucket some more
pills laying beautifully on my palm
Water stood crystal next to me
Set to quench away the life in me
And then the spirit called
Camouflaged in the tone of my mother
Summoned me a second fifth chance
Conjured within me a heart willing to live

Words cut deeper than the sword
Winds too piercing to sway us to each other
Too weary to show emotion
Eyes too dry to cry
Tears an excuse to not take fault
Too different to try again
To the beginning we have gone
More strangers than before
Regrets can't begin to describe what's become of us
Never we will walk on the edge of apologies
We both are not believers anymore


Let's converse in silence, the words unspoken
Curl up your world into mine so we can be "oned"
Dance to the warmth of my skin, sensational vibrations
Twirl your limbs into mine, a beautiful catastrophe
Lose yourself in my spirit, magical entrapment
Let's exchange body fluids, profitable trade
Wander your fingers within me, my Alice in Wonderland
Let's cuddle
Seems like everyday I make you sad
I would dress myself in all lies tangible and promise to never do it again
I dwell in the flesh
the flesh is full of sin
full of flaws
given the chance to leave outside my skin
to beat free from flesh
I would
Just so I can make you smile everyday
hear you laugh all the days of our loves
make you feel my life for as long as we still are one

Nose to nose we stand
Absorbed in each other
Fully submerged in time
The celebrants of the instant at hand
That indescribable moment
Where words cannot begin justify the truth
That instant too perfect for words
That defining moment
Where words cannot veil the vulnerability
Lust made flesh behind the loud silence
Eyes wandering the space, too fearful to be uncovered for what they are
Chance waiting to be seized


Mourning your loss

No tears can embody the pain I feel

Never will words be enough comfort for what's come to be of my life

The ghost I write for

She speaks to me
Calls for me
Knows me by my maiden name
For years she has been there
Comforting me
Celebrating me
She is no visitor
She is a habitat of my soul
Cleansing me
Liberating me
She has no face
She was born without a name
Yet she lives in me
Proudly she owns me
Gladly I let her
Proudly she enters the very depths of my being
Leading me
Pruning me for perfection
To me she comes
Fears no darkness
In light with light she comes
In flesh she doesn't exist
Yet I feel her touching me
Aiding me
Moving me
Consuming me with her presence divine
Supernaturally she
Mothers me
Fathers me
Brothers me
Paternally maternally she's my relation
She comes to me
In daylight
At nightfall
She comes to me
Fearing no season
Forever she dwells in me
In the summer fall we dance in the rain
At autumn we wither in spirit
Awaiting revival from season's to come 
Oh how I love her spring presence
I call her summer
In winter we cuddle in fabrics beyond the tangible
She calls for me
Comes to me
Cares for me
She comes to me in forms unexplainable
She comes to me in ghostly forms
Without face she comes to me
Echoes her presence in my ears
Without flesh she touches me
To me she comes
Without permission
Without restriction
She comes to me in words
Seeking release
Needing relations
She comes to me
Through words
In words
For words sake
She is the word

1 2 3 we sat

We sat together

all 3 of us

but the only 2 of us

could feel the cold breeze

only we could feel the brutality of that moment

3 of us

we sat there

you and I

Just the 2 of us,

paying no mind to number 3

Who crowded us

blessed we were that she was there

else we would have become history

to the land that kept us


we argued

painful gazes

apologies unwelcome

as we sat there

unable to construct even a sentence

yet we couldn't leave the space

that led to our destruction

couldn't lose each other to such silence

all 3 of us

we sat

just the 2 of us

entertaining loneliness

yet you sat next to me

I sat next to you

coldest moment of our lives

never have quarrels become so threatening

never have words become so permanent

on the edge of letting go we stood

holding on by the thread

that was our love

actions proved love inadequate

intentions too late to be questioned

the 3 of us

sat in silence

louder than words

you crying

me pleading

for a 3rd second chance

to do love you

to care for you

to make you proud

to make you mine

the 3 of us it was

lost for words you were

nothing left to believe in

the words from my mouth found no home in you

and you left the room

leaving the 2 of us

in question


You carry me to lands worry free with your lips
Submerge me in passionate delights till I surrender with just the tip of your tongue
I run to my happy place when you tap your fingers down my spine
Such warmth your arms possess I feel brand new
Within me lies a new creature, formed by your mere love, love so perfect I surrender to your care
You are clothed in fabrics and fabrics of imperfections
In layers and layers of fault you lay
Yet you are so perfect
The imperfect kind of perfect you remain in my sight


I laid there
Pale skinned
I stood there
Looking down on her
Hoping she moves even a finger
Blink a second
Move a lip
She laid there
Such beauty I have never seen
Close to God she must have been
That smile she never shared with the humans
I laid there
Hoping she'd say a word
Murmur a word
Hoping she'd see me cry
Hear me cry
So I called aloud her name
Grabbed her by the garments she wore
Slapped her in anger
Hoping she'd feel
Even anger I would appreciate
Never did she move
Soaked in blood she laid
Such tranquility
Such peace
She laid there in utter rest
In her indefinite bed
I stood there
Tears could no longer save me
The truth was she laid there
I stood there
Dressed in garments of despair
Wrapped in colours of failure
Loneliness befriended me
I laid there
Orphaned by greed
A child without a mother

Intimate silence

Loud voices as we converse

Reminiscing about yesterday

Laughing off moments of err

Basking with delight in each other's presence

Tanned with joy

Stupid smiles on our faces

Then it becomes kinda awkward

Strangely you seemed closer

In distance you seemed nearer

Strangely we have ran low on words

Your scent louder now

Your skin screaming so loud as if it needed salvation

My fingers too nervous to save you

Your eyes almost teary I wanted to hold you

Such innocence I have never seen

Then it got very awkward

The good kinda awkward

This moment we both waited for

Interceded for its perfection

Locked it down with our hands we weren't going to let it go

Nerves clouded the space

No distance between us

Serenaded by the silence

The truth had to be told

Words no longer could define

the space that no longer was there

Words no longer could decipher

the language spoken by the eyes

The mystery was beyond ignorance

Words too powerful to stutter

Attempts to defy no longer could suffice

This moment we both waited for

No distance between us

The truth had to be told

Words no longer could decipher

the language spoken by the eyes

Took that leap

and I kissed you