She tosses me around with her sweet words may she never let me fall
Bosses me around with her royalty presence I want to be her favourite
She sophisticatedly pulls me up and down, down and up like a Yoyo I am her favourite toy

Good morning

Hold me tight like your favourite teddy bear
Lay on me, so comfortably, without worry like your corner couch
Fight for me; go up and down looking for me like your remote
Make me, mend me, and wipe away dirt like you do your bed
Sip from my love like your morning tea
Let me excite you like your buffet brunch
Step into my territory like you do your shower cubicle
Like the water falling on your head, let me free you
Rub me against your skin like that strawberry shower gel
Brush my nightmares away like you do your teeth in the morning
Carry me around your chest like how your bra carries your bosom
Tie me and all my worries around your waist like your favourite belt
Apply your words on me gently and meticulously like your pink gloss
Run your fingers on my lips like your glass of wine as you prepare for the day
Remember me always like your Blackberry
Call a search on me when you can’t find me like your favourite pet

Heavenly pleas for a wife

Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
To you in come in thanksgiving
Wearing cloths of requests
Father may you create for me a soul who will not be fooled by the laughers I share as she sees through me, the broken glass
Conjure me a soul who will not be moved by the smile on my face as she sees beyond the tears trailing down my soul
Conjure me a soul who will speak to my soul
she who will dance to the tapping of my fingers trailing down the map of her spine
Her who will sing the songs I hum silently
One bold enough to tell the tales hidden in the cracks of my feet
She who will fearlessly spit the rhymes of words banging the corners of my soul
Conjure me a lover who will honour our friendship before intimacy
Conjure me a lover who will love me fearlessly, honestly, freely, openly, like I was their god
Conjure me a lover who will reciprocate my love

A ghost

Feels like I'm losing myself to a creature unknown
My body functioning with the limbs of a stranger
He has taken over my dreams, tormenting me in my sleep
Nightmares, ghostly creatures in my visions he has afforded me with
I feel haunted, seeing a man whose face I have I never seen
Smiling at me as if he owns me
Pointing at me as if he is coming for me
Raping me with his presence
I feel deaf but I can hear him clearly,
He calls my name; by my first name he calls me, leading me to the edge of darkness
I feel scared; I am mourning a part of me
He has done me in, leaving behind just my flesh
Flesh that knows no tale that tells no tale
I see snakes, serpents have befriended me
Crawling up to me like I am their motherhood
He has taken away all that pleasures me
With pride he has afforded me with tears
I'm drawing near the edge
Standing on the edge of depression
When will he leave me alone?


Create within me a friend hidden behind the face of a lover

Conjure for me a being who will honour this facade

such beauty

without a face she stays in my dreams

I don't love you. I don't need you. I don't miss you

We never were a part of the crowd nor did we ever tell tales from the soil of normality. We never danced to the songs that brought movement to the commoners; we always were the elite to one another and we lived as us, breathed as such, we became as such, we are such. I don't love you. I don't need you. I don't miss you. I just worship the grounds you saunter on; I yearn to hear the sound of your voice for it has become the playlist to my soul, the melody that remedies my aches. You are my song, the one I replay through thunder storms and joyous celebrations, the alpha and omega of my day, the author of my smile. I think of you when you are away, long for you like my addiction and I find myself wanting to succumb to normality by saying or texting stupid words like "I miss you" on my phone to your digital identity, that 10 characters long numbered creature that is technologically your name but quickly I reprimand myself, such disrespect you will never tolerate so I text

“I long for the warmth of your arms, the song sung by our lips when we are locked, the feel of your skin when it's against mine, the command of your bosom when pressed against mine, our bodies joined together look so perfect, my favourite outfit you are. I look at you and I see the face of my creator, such perfection, such humility, such a soul, such harmony you possess, you were designed to care for me, to remind me of the higher power, to teach me lessons of patience. I tremble at the mention of your name, wondering do I make you feel the way you make me feel, do I ever cross your zone of thoughts, do I keep you from slumber as you have kept me? My beautiful nightmare you have become. Sometimes I feel scared, lonely and without purpose, I yearn to attend the classes of your lessons as you command me to know my place in him who created me, as you unravel the beauty within me, as you lead me to destinations decorated with flowers of hope. I pine for your presence to cloud my space, to watch you toss and turn on our bed, such beauty you possess even in your sleep”

Forgive me if all these words translate to I love you, I miss you and I need you. Never meant you such disrespect.

I want to

I want to
Kiss like our lips never told the same story
Let you make love to me like you have never seen me that bare
While we listen to the sound of our voices as they climax in unison

I want to
Let you tease me like you never had me
Let you make me moan like I have never begged you
Let you make me wet like we have never hopped to the same beats
Made by our voices as they skipped a bit to the beating of our hearts

I want to
Let you pull me closer as if you have never pushed me away
Hear you call my name like you are yet to meet me
Let you scream out loud as if you are in danger
Running away from satisfaction, seeking rescue between my legs

I want to
Let you make me want you like some diamond
Let you make me grind you like some bad ass bitch
Let you make me touch you like it's your first time
Make you moan like you are about to cry
Make you lose control like you never had authority over me
Fist my way inside your soul like it's gonna hurt
Play your sacred place like the strings of a guitar
And make you come like you were born for it

It is only when you have come face to face with pure love that you can speak in volumes of selfless love of someone else. To speak of them as if they were the Adam from whose ribs you were created.

what? you don't give a DAMN?

If giving a damn was as a choice as we would like to convince ourselves then this would be one sad world, or rather a perfect world. If people could quickly learn to understand that being human goes hand in hand with giving a fuck about things we would otherwise prefer to not give a fuck about, then more people would be happy and give more fuck about anything anyone and everything....only because it only makes us human

I told her - "The Renaissance WOman"

The intensity of your work is somehow a reflection of the fact that you have come face to face with love, you have borne witness to it that it can't help but be felt by everyone who read it

what defines you?

My boi

She is a lady, so gentle they confuse her for a man

Smile so beautiful she is my perfect girl

She calls herself my husband

Silently I call her my wife

She hates it when I refer to her as my woman

Claims she is a man, she is what she claims she is

But I cannot allow her to take away the womanhood from herself

She is a woman able, worthy of the titleship of men

A lady so gentle you can call her a gentleman

She cares for me like a father so she breathes fatherhood

Provides for me like a hunter, my pillar at nightfall, fights for me even in my dreams

Loves me like I was meant for her, she is a god

But still I cannot allow her to rob herself off of her motherhood

I call her my boy she gets so excited for she doesn't know that my Boi ends with an "I"

So as to retain her womanhood, treasure her motherhood and honour the gentle lady she is

She is my Boi

You are a gift.
 A healer.
The spoken truth.
The revelation.
You are you.
And I love you.


Bruised and battered by yesterday's rain you came to me seeking new revelations, closure of chapters read, comfort, assurance, peace, seeking companionship you came to me. Dressed in all that aches you looked up to me as if I was your saviour, from me you sought healing, salvation, redemption, from me you sought rebirth. Never have I been so unsure but your fear was my compass, your pain was enough motivation to lead you to paths unharmed, to the promised land I purposed myself to lead you, you were my Lot and I was your god. You were to me my motherhood, you were to me my Jesus and I was to you Mary, my reason for being, my good heart, my prized silverware.

You became my anchor, the voice of God, the voice of reason, the poet from the forgotten land whose potential was worthy of revelations, the poet clothed in garments representing God, garments of hope, garments of revival, garments of faith, you became to me my healer as I purposed myself to heal you, healed wounds I never knew lived in me, covered scars I never knew were a part of me. You became to me my destruction, destroyed my facade and gave birth to skin I never was meant to treasure, the skin of truth, the skin of reality, the skin of me, you worshiped my brown skin, sang tunes to the heart I wear, danced to the beats made by my body when our bodies danced together, to the sounds of loss we tapped, endeavours to fill the voids in our souls. Such a mess we have made of each other, you said I was your beautiful mess, and you were the mess collector, the messed up union we became. You possess the strength of Goliath and gave birth to me the faith of David, rolled up together we mother biblical interactions through holy intersections for revelations seeking embrace.

Together we became the celebrants of life, the worshipers of the African soil. We became to each other the African women who defined Africa in its entirety. You unveiled to me the treasures of our forefathers, showed me the footpath on which the tears of our foremothers still run and since that sunny day I have worn Africa as my breath plate of honour, the full armour of pride Africa became. You became my wing and I your hiding place. My empress and I your goddess. The goddess of life and light, the empress of honour and truth.

We indulged in conversations; skin to skin we spoke tales of yesterday, plotted deeds yet to come, and praised the moments we breathed in. Tongue to tongue we conveyed messages of passion, conspired on moments of peace, hand to hand to held on to what was dear to each other, we held on to each other. Eye to eye we travelled a journey; to lands undiscovered we walked back and forth to the spirits in quest for fulfilment. Mouth to mouth we fed on each other’s souls seeking familiarity, seeking solidarity we fed on the blood of harmony. We became rippers of soul’s unholy, hunters of truth untold, like the supernatural we found power at moonlight, where our affection peaked beyond the heavens. Together we became the authors of our own fates, the designers of our own happiness and the omegas of our distress. We became for each other to each other what we needed to become for each other in each other for each other's sanity.


That awkward stare

I miss staring psycho deep in her eyes to a point of her discomfort,

To a point that she cringes and begs me to look away
Just to assure her that I have my eyes on her alone
That when I look at her my world feels complete
For it is complete
Because she completes me

Don't cut your dreads

I like how they feel on my fingers when I grab them, pull them, caress them as if they were human
I like how they feel on my chest when you lay on me, feed on me like some frenzied cunt

I like    ...that rough soft texture, almost dry yet no breakage ever occurs kinda feel

           ...that I am a proud African vibe they have going on

I feel some kind of connection, emotional jellying, when I feel them against my skin, pushing them against me like they can open the locks of my soul to have conversations with the possessor of my soul

Like they are a part of us, a third element to our union, like some mistress that knows her place

I like how they make you look like some innocent untouched soul when they hang loose

Hanging down your ears like they hear on your behalf

I like how I look at you; then gaze up to the crown of your head and they are there as if they add meaning to your being, as if they are the definition of your being or together you are defined

I like how I have spoken of them without speaking of you

Call me shallow but I doubt I would have gone for you if you had that lil'Afro swag on

Humbled beyond words - Beyond any man's comprehension

“She is the voodoo Queen of my days and the most precious gem of the heavenly creation. She has beauty that of ancient goddesses: Queen of the East, a Princess of the spoken word, the beautiful and insatiable Azanian nymph *lol*, all rolled into one immaculate body whose fine features and proportions are close to perfection.

But it does not end there. I have a great obsession for this strange, powerful, learned and extraordinary woman. My love for her almost drove me insane. Most important of all she was a Nubian: a dark and delightful daughter of Africa who was spawned and nurtured by the great gods of the River Nile. How I wish that you knew this goddess, how I wish that you could see with my eyes”

Stay with me

Don't you dare leave me
Not because I cannot live without you
But what if I can't
Don't you even think about leaving me
Not because I have no one else to care for
I just don't wanna care for anyone else but you
Do you fucken leave me
Not because you have got some fucken hold on me
Well maybe you fucken do
 Don't you even think about going out that door
Not because I have no one else to invite over
Only because I have opened my doors of my heart to you
Don't you dare leave me
Not because I have no one else to love me
In fact I  have a few
I just don't love them back
I don't love them at all
I love you
Do you leave me I beg
Not because I enjoy being at anyone's mercy
But mercy kneeling down before you, asking you to stay, will make you take notice of me
Don't leave me or I will die
Not because I am suicidal
But without you I may as well be lifeless
The mere thought of being without you has led to many deaths of me
Please don't you leave me
Not because I am desperate
Well maybe I fucken am, actually I am fucken hungry for your love
Don't you leave me
Not because I love you
Not because I care
Not because I miss you when you are gone
Not because I don't see me without you
Not because I wanna hold you in the middle of every argument
Not because I wanna kiss you every time you cry
But because I don't wanna feel all of things if I'm not feeling them for you

The mess we made

Here I am, sitting alone in the midst of the crowd, drenched in silence in the midst of a rebellious dance floor noise, thinking, wondering what made such a mess of us, were we too careful not to love each other this much that when we realized our failure we became one another's destruction? Could we have done it any better, said words any softer, loved each other any lighter? Could we have opted for anything different to what we now stand for given a chance? Coulda, woulda, shoulda remains immaterial, we are what we r now, for what we are and how we chose to be,  alive under the circumstances, sadly rooted in the pits of each other's soul with no one to save us but ourselves. Joyously we remain in this calamity, seeking no salvation, what else is to save us if not our love, what else is to become our redeemer if we can't even redeem ourselves with the love we share for each other, at what point did love stop being the greatest breast plate, when did the armour of love lose its power?

Silence has now found the voice, you are speaking to me, almost I feel like I've won the lottery, I feel like I have be released bail free from the confinement of being far from you, you are here, drenched in the same tears that have found home in me, as confused as we ever will be combined, hurt beyond any man's comprehension, your heart still on the platter of faith for me to mend, my hands shaky as I am scared I will again break it beyond redemption. I won't hurt you, I will make you whole again even if it's for a minute, I can't sing you promises to walk fault free in your eyes, I won't dance to the tunes of I will be perfect for you just for you to stick around, I come to you, covered in human flesh, bashed and bearing all the traits that qualify me human, wearing the smile silently promising to be less human if that means keeping you around, however I have no surety but my heart should I fail to deliver in full, will that be enough?. I come to you as I am, wrapped in imperfections, soaked in fears and doubts, hoping you take me as I am...hoping it's enough to make you notice me once more.

because "I love you"

Back and forth we go, trying to make up for what the past cost us, in return, to honor those who have caused us harm we become worse than they were, hurting each other, saying things we don't mean, crying tears knowing more is to come, sadly we remain tangled, tangled in each other's hearts, no matter how hard we try to fight it, no matter the words we utter to ignore it, we are here in the same skins but now harder, mad as hell at each other, having failed each other dismally, yet we remain, rooted in what heals both of us, the common denominator, the love we have each other, the immeasurable kind of affection, the dangerous kind of love, we cry, we hurt, and then we complete each other, we make each other smile, to the pits of our souls we are taken in love, in love with each other but still we remain, cats and dogs at it, using the very claws that have become buried deep down in each other's souls to scratch each other, no apology can make it better, we have hurt each other beyond redemption yet we love each other, insanely beyond what we were ever willing to put on the table.


LoveGlori Melodies

te amo
te amo
don't you ever leave me


Lost friendships

Distanced by emotions
Wrapped in silence
Lacking words to utter
No song to sing
Such closeness you once shared
Time overtook you
Memories flee from you
Left you sipping from the bitter glass
Yesterday the history of today
Today will never birth a future promising
For you have become distanced by emotions
Singing praise to misunderstanding
Paying homage to loss
You now are divided
By words once said
Words piercing
Words irreversible
Apologies too proud to leave the lips
Remains of pride blocking opportunities
Paths leading to hopeful amendments have become the joke of the day
For you have been divided by emotions
Submerged in pride
Guilty of words uttered
Wounds licked open
Forgiveness paid the for pride

Trip back in time

Back and forth
We go in time
Trying to undo the knots of anger tangled in our hearts
Back and forth
We go in time
Trying to mend our broken heart
Dry up the tears trailing down our eyes
Back and forth
We go in time
In vain trying to remove the clots of misunderstanding clogging up our liberty
Back and forth
We go in time
Bumping into arguments
Conclusions we wish we never jumped into
Feeling emotions irrelevant
Back and forth
We go in time
Spitting words of insults
Vomiting regrets
Back and forth
We go in time
Necks bearing strangles
Bodies soaking in wounds undefined
Back and forth
We go in time
Realising our pain
Too deep for mending
Too lost in secrets
Apologies lost their meaning
Back and forth
We go in time
Lies covering the crowns of our heads
Admitting it's too late
To make another try
To cry another tear
To tell another tale
To paint a new picture
For we back in time broke what could have defined time

Move your world

Let me
Move your world with words
Channelling your mind into places undiscovered
With words meant to move your world
Your sacred world
As you open up your heart
Locking my words into your soul
Believing I am here for your adoration
As you let me move your world
With rhymes unlocking all that confines you
Your out of the box reality I will be
So let me free you into a world out of the ordinary
Extraordinary we will become
As you dance to my words
Moving your world
To greater revelations
Let me
Move your world with words
Meant to glue your world with mine

Picture this moment
Portrait this instant
Frame it in your heart
For you and I are a once in a life time opportunity
Opportunity so perfect
Picture perfect
We are the ambassadors of happiness

For my buddy "Candice" - I will miss you :(

Bitter sweet
Mixed emotions
Happiness accompanied by pain
Lost in the abyss of loneliness
Almost lost
Almost unsure
Too confused
Surely excited
Never have I imagined the pain today would bring
Feels permanent yet it is temporary
Having to reschedule the plans of my life to cater for your absence
A bitter sad reality yet sweet for your growth
Today came too soon, caught me too busy to mourn your short absence
On you I will wait
Plotting more memories to create with you
Crying a little when you step into my mind
Hoping the world treats you tender
I will miss you ever

face to face

We stand
Facing each other
Breath taken
Spirits waiting to be uplifted
Words soothing the souls
We breathe in and out
In and out we breathe
Nerve wrecked
Silence speaking volumes
Space between us imaginary
Moment to be treasured
We stand
Face to face
Our eyes fixed in each other
Conversations between hearts
Skin awaiting touch
Words soothing all aches
Space fulfilling all promises un-kept
Eyes buried soul deep
We stand
Face to face
Fearful to transition to a thing greater than what we presently are


The Intwined

We are celebrations
We are celebrations
Bearing witness to things spiritual
Beyond biblical
With our souls we engrave scriptures
Anointed with love
We are angels holy
Deserving of praise
Bare souls
As we lay in self-sacrifice for one another
Tapping to hymns of faith
Surrender to you I do
Lead me to the promised land of utter satisfactions
As I feed from your soul to my soul
We are the entwined

I told her WORDS

I am choking
Choking on words
Banging the doors of my soul
Seeking release
Set us free they scream
To slumber I serenade them
Knowing the ramifications of their liberty
I turn deaf to their pleas
Scratching the pits of my soul
I bleed, covered in the blood of my words
Words I thought I buried
Words I put to sleep
They are here
The ghosts of my sins
Greed personified
They are here
For their owner they ask
Hush! The world will not care I try to convince them
Adamant to find release
To rebirth they protest
Until she entered my space
In fear yet under compulsion
I set them free
Telling her I love her
I dream of her at night
Stuttering, she is the woman of my dreams
I tell her

United in love

All I want is to see your smile
Smell your skin
Be in one place with you
In utter solidarity
You and I emitting and inhaling the same air
Listening to your heart beat
Mesmerised by the echoes of your words
While I watch you speak
           Hear you breathe
And we pray together
Seeking interventions
Needing liberations
High on faith
Together we move mountains

we are one

Because when you and I are one
Our souls locked
Our lips sealed in one
Limbs connected from bone to bone
Bare intersections
We are the result of hungry souls
Looking to feed
Looking to lay
Crucified in each other
We wander in places unknown
Only to bear witness to love undefined
Love unquestioned
Without boundaries we have fell entrapped into each other's souls
Unrestricted we have come undone
Without permission we have become one
Beyond boundaries we have fallen in love

My warrior

You laid there
Warrior of life
Battling for breath
You laid there
Without any army
Yet you won the battle
Battle of faith
Weapons of prayer
Your breastplate
You laid there
Feeling no fear
Trusting he's near
You laid there
Painted in beauty
Beauty is your heart
Life still in you
You laid there
Prayer warrior
Saint of humility
You laid there
Feeling no sorrow
Sorrow departed
You laid there
The king of the army
Armies of life


He has come for you

So I wait around in silence
Waiting for the darkness to fall
Wearing pyjamas of happiness
Where at are we meeting this time?
You turned my days upside down
Making me a worshipper of night fall
So I sit around in the cold
Anticipating the warmth of your arms
Feeling the warmth of your love
What words will you utter this time?
So I sit around drenched in tears
Awaiting your arrival
The nightfall has come
The dawn is sneaking up on me
I missed a dream
Did I not dream of you this time?
So I sit around in mourning
You are never to return
He has come for your soul
Leaving me with no care
So I sit around in thanksgiving
Saluting the heavens you were once there
Mine for keeps
Once you called my name in satisfaction
Twice you ran to me for cover
Forever you will reign in me, my queen
So I sit around counting my loss
Licking my wounds
Dancing in worship
Trials of faith
Now he has come
Making your soul his own

6 Types of Love

A passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love
A love that is played as a game or sport; conquest; may have multiple partners at once

An affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity

Love that is driven by the head, not the heart

Obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers

Selfless altruistic love; spiritual

Broken beyond redemption
Seeking no salvation
Feeling unworthy
Then you came
Cluttered me with your love
Revived me with your care
I look at you filled with amazement
How you managed to mend me remains mystery even to the gods
Leave my side never
Prune me to your pleasure
Set yourself free from not
I live for you live
I feed from your soul
You are my salvation

This week has finally come to an end
Never thought I’d see Friday at all the way things were happening
Sorry baby, so glad we met again

Hidden truths

Hidden truths
Played hide and seek
Seeking embrace
As if you were worthy
Slowly I embraced you
Favoured you
Fell for you
So you felt super-woman
Trying to prove your majesty
You played me yesterday
Uncovering the cracks of your skin
Like a snake you crawled into my world
Slyly you convinced me you were worthy
Blindly I followed
Showed emotion
Danced to bullets
of betrayal
Your jar of lies overflowing
Flooding me with tales untrue
The realness in you now is unknown
Even by you
So you search for it
Trying to play shrink on yourself
Finding clues to your hidden truths
Bruising me with promises lacking fulfilment
Words lacking meaning
Love missing emotion
You lay there
Bare yet covered with fabrics representing no truth
Tick tock! Your time is up
Your heart now pumps lies
You are a pathological liar

Filthy spaces

Inspired by Nomonde and we co-wrote it (well a bit). So cute!!!!

Dirty places
Led to filthy spaces
Praises rose to filthy traces
Giving birth to emotions
Bringing about excitosis
For you mother places
Bearing traces of spaces
Dirty of love bearing traces
Dirty enough to revive places
Filthy of emotions
Telling tales of places
That gave birth to such spaces
Leading to traces
Of emotions
From filthy places


For filthy traces result to dirty places
These places
so familiar
where we were
where we existed
in time
accumulating memories
leaving traces


You left memories
Defining moments
Of weakness
From places of happiness
You said it
Would be perfect
Was perfected in places
Wearing traces
Filthy of explosions
Of emotions
Wrapped in traces
Perfect in happiness

Dirty places
Forming dirty traces
Rhyming dirty speeches
You are my dirty secret


We cry
We yell
We curse
We fall

What’s the use of it all if it won’t change the situation?
Why should ... pain be better if it won’t heal?
                      ...  Wounds heal if scars will appear
                      ... Forgiveness be sought if crimes will be committed again
                      ... Prisons be open if they walk free again
We laugh
We dance
We praise
We rise

In order to... cry
                   ... Yell
                   ...  Curse
                   ... Fall

Because pain won’t heal
Wounds give birth to scars
Crimes committed again
Criminals walking untouched