LoveGlori at Moyo's Zoolake tomorrow night

I can't seem to grow weary of the LoveGlori blues and so can Nomonde. We seem to be more hung up than we were when we first saw them in February at Urban Zulu Roof Top. Every moment in their trance means restoration to my entire being. We went to see them at SABC Radio Park on Sunday and boy was I blown away, they have a bad habit of winning my heart over and over again and I know that I am not that weak. Each second in their midst is resurrection; every instance with them always leaves me blown away to ashes of utter joy. When in their presence I am not afraid to die because I know I will rise again to life owing to their melodies. They have become saviour to my ever so fickle soul.

I wondered what is it about them that makes me weak at the knees and leaves me begging for more. I, for a while was convinced that it was their beauty; it just had to be Nozuko's beauty that leaves me screaming "Abba Father" to my creator in worship.  Ato's smile was definitely the reason for Nomonde's death. That had to be it. We now knew the reasons for our fall and that made things a little clearer. Until I realized, even if Zuko had to cover herself in all rags of ugliness, she would still remain my compeller. Her beauty was not enough to have me in their audience in every of their events, something greater than a smile had to be responsible for this. Even if Ato stopped smiling, she still would command Momo to knees.

And then it hit me, as hard as it hit Momo that no beauty could have such a hold on either of us, beauty could not have such command, it was their voices, their angelic voices that leave us drowning in floods of joy, that leave us in a state of euphoria. It is humbling how alive they are on stage, how they calm the audience with their jazzy blues with just a pinch of comedy. The love they have for their craft would give sight to the blind and strength to the weary.

I will speak endlessly if I started to speak of their songs and how each and every jam seems to rub me up just the right way but I will speak nonetheless, just a little I will speak. How Ato sings "Ubuhle bakhe" makes me appreciate the kind of love I am in, "Call me" actually makes me realise just how needy and broken I actually am. The way Zuko sings "Ivili" is not of this world, the space I enter into when those lyrics escape from her lips cannot be of this generation. The passion that flows in Ato's eyes when she lets out "Te Amo" leaves me chanting with the heavens in thanksgiving for the creator of art that dwells in her soul and the seriousness that covers Zuko’s face when she sings “Again” just confirms that they mean business with their craft and with their hearts.

The melodies that these ladies have created cannot be known by me and Momo alone, it is a sermon for the whole universe to bask in. A lyrical sermon. Their music on SoundCloud brings zero justice to them; you must literally tan in their melodies; that will take you to the adventures of Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland, to actually say you have come to know the Christ of Art. Luckily for you, they will be performing at Moyo's Zoo lake tomorrow evening.

Go there and be jazzed away by their careless blues.