Her love
rose from the soles of my feet to the follicles of my hair
she worshipped my every limb
she always was a celebrant of mankind.

She speaks,
vomits words of restoration,
I have risen from the ashes seven times by virtue of her devotion,
she whispers words of strength,
the ghost whisperer
she is.

Her hands
snatched me out of Lucifer's cradle,
Satan’s fugitive I now am,
such melody came from the tips of her fingers,
as she pulled me out from captivity,
her birth must have been intended just for me,

Her skin,
such unblemished skin she has
my ocean of pleasure,
save me not I am drowning,
dip me in the depths of your bosom, I implore.

So I played hide and seek in the pores of her skin,
A pursuit to uncover all the secrets she hides from the world,
to take for myself the light she hoards in her soul,
until she yelled I am coming
to save you from the iniquities of your own flesh,
to release you from the chains of your yesterdays,
she said.

Her lips
Tasted like summer rain,
The drops from Jupiter,
A little more like the kisses from Adam’s wife,
She was more supernatural than real,
The reincarnation of Mother Mary
she is.

Her voice
soothing to all my aches,
mellow to all my blues,
my circadian medicament,
my humble compeller,
she is.

She held the rays of the sun at the tip of her tongue,
Spoke in syllables of thunder to the rebels,
Clouds dared not whisper a word in her presence,
Her command was out of this world
That Gabriel fell at her watch
She once ordered the sun linger longer
so what is a mere man’s fall,
whose pride clearly preceded his faith?

Her aura
She serenaded the daredevils to slumber
Lit every tunnel with her smile
At the contours of her mouth sat hymns of hope
that she’d arbitrarily let escape to make the atheists to believe,
in him, the Great I am, that made their very existence possible.

But she wasn't what I was used to,
she clearly wasn't what I prayed for,
you see, I prayed for a lover,
to embrace my agony with her careless touches,
to be intoxicated in endless buckets of fear,
and my list ended there.

so I never banked on midnight nor day long conversations,
those all day Sunday sexual celebrations
that always left us hungry for more,
the gourmets of flesh we became,

I never banked on promises fulfilled,
Nor was reciprocated love a fan of mine, was so accustomed to unrequited affection,
But she let me lay on her bosom, though smothered in distress, drenched from the floods of tears escaping from my eyes; she let me in the depths of her soul

she clearly had a love only the gods could comprehend,
perhaps she too is a god hence inexplicable,
she surely was a different kind of a she,
she became my author of faith as I became the pump of liberation in her every vein,
something more like we were each other's life support,
but she wasn't my mother's cup of tea,
definitely not at all the girl next door,
she clearly had a love way out of my league,
she was the only girl who fell in love with my soul and all that makes my heart beat
a different kind of she.

©GayKindaLove 2012.12.01