Forgive me Father for I have sinned

I look back to yesteryear
Retrace my steps back to the moment you waved yesterday to what we had become
Worked so hard like ants trying to find food, we fought and made what I defined 'my kinda perfect love'
You clothed in ultimate confidence said we were through
Could I not have loved you enough that you saw this very moment so perfect, fit to undo all that we did to become what we became
Told me you had seen whom you think would perfect fill my shoes and were ready to start a journey
I stood in the way of your dreams come true u said
Besought you to stay but you turned deaf to my silent cries
Like a lion battling for the life of its cub I fought for you
Like a widow cries for the decease of her perfect half, I sobbed for you
Took you back to memory lane hoping you'd recall why you loved me in the first place
Hoping I'd make you stay
Held you by your clothes hoping for that biblical miracle
Hoping my touch would restore all the world had robbed us of
Sadly you marched forward leaving me hailing for your return
I screamed to the lord, it was perhaps my transgressions that cost me your affection
I cried to him that created me - I wept to the Lord saying "Forgive me Father for I have sinned"

   © S Phohleli 10/02/2012