Yesterday cried for me

Yesterday we cried

The sun resembled darkness

The night was pain

Waiting on the corner for refuge but storms were raging that he turned deaf to my cries

Yesterday was here and she had a plan

Plans to end all that was promised for the future

So I cried the tears of yesterday

Ripped off everything I held dear, the sun was a rumour

Dreams were nightmares and I looked forward to the dark under the impression that the light will soon come

Found myself in the pit of despair, pain became my friend, nightmares were a reminder that I still could feel

Though fear was the only emotion, it was an emotion I endured with pride as it meant I still was alive

I cried to the heavens interceding for provision but time went on as if I never was there

Bruises on my knees were the only witness to my belief

Tears in my eyes made me a prayer warrior so I was thankful

In destitute I showed gratitude for all that transpired though the reasons for their occurrences still remained mystery

Life tore me bare of all I worked so diligently to preserve, the demons sang glory to my fall

Yesterday cried with me, as she cried for joy as she captured me, I cried for release from her captivity

Called upon him for his favour, asked him to remember me once more, cried a river

Never did I stop believing change would come, shoved my incessant pleas through the heavens

Felt my faith overflow, saw a glimpse of hope, dreams became pleasant

The sun finally came, yesterday cried for me

© Sizakele Phohleli 10/02/2012