Left through the window you left open

Gave you all that was me
Loved you more than you could love yourself
Afforded you with love so surreal, eternity together would be your only gift to me
Sang unto you melodies meant only to soothe your heart and all that aches
Held you captive in that very place where only you and God were meant to dwell
But all you had was a heart half open to my love
Hurled at me words meant to destroy me but still I stayed
Resided in pain hoping you would one day learn to appreciate the love I showered you with
Never had you the balls to attempt to set me free
Clothed in deceit yet you had me on hook, loved the notice I poured on you but still you deprived me of your very attention
All wrapped up in greed you wanted all the love yet you gave none
Prayed for a miracle, almost prayed for the strength to defy destiny and love you though you failed to love me
Convinced myself that my love for you had no conditions
Made myself believe that I loved you not on the condition that you loved me back
Had to one day face reality and realized that you were never mine to love
That you were just for a lesson
And I wept
Wept so hard as I pushed myself to escape through the windows of doubt, pain and deceit you left open for me

© Sizakele Phohleli 10/02/2012