Via Grapevine Volume 1 Anthology

This day officially marks the start of great things that I am yet to experience. A while ago I was approached by a lady named Brigitte Poirson, an anthologist, who showed an interest in my work. Long story short, I had uploaded two poems on a poetry page titled "Poetic Design" and she saw them, fell in love with them and asked if she could add them in her Poetry Anthology and without hesitancy I agreed. Months have passed and the Anthology was launched and my work is there, one poem I wrote while feeling swallowed by the world and left untitled is there and the other one I believe will be on Volume 2 of the Anthology.

I am happy, I am positive that eventually I will publish all my work, all my poetry and the novel I am currently working on. Day by day I feel closer to my destiny. I am not taking NO for an answer, the heavens have just deemed me worthy of this breakthrough and therefore the world and its residents MUST open way for me and the universe sure is conspiring in my favour, the great Alchemist was right when he said " When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream" . I am taking up a course for novel writing with SA writers' college next year just to learn the acceptable technique of writing. I have a story and I am ready to tell it, it has haunted me for many nights, took away the pleasure from slumber and now is the time for my freedom and finally face the demons of my sleep.

Below is the note you will find in the Anthology.

Tears leap from eye to eye,
Sorrow kissing every soul.
Insults seduce the lips of the pure,
Dancing to the beats of rejection.
Body to body, we move to the touch of loneliness:
We are children to the kings of sorrow,
The offspring of the mothers who meant to abort us,
Mimicking what our forefathers became.
We are the descendants of pain.

Thank you Brigitte.

If I didn't believe in dreams coming true before, today I am born again into something even greater than faith in the God of Art. Like he did with the great Psalmist David, he truly turned my wailing into dancing; and removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.