Writers' College

So for the first time I have difficulty writing and it's driving me nuts. I am trying to apply at the SA's writers' college for a Novel writing course and it's a year long. I had originally applied for an Honours' in Economics with an accredited university, the very one that enabled me to obtain my degree in Economics and Accounting but I had to withdraw my application because I am going overseas next year May for a year on business, so I am set to return from the “never never” land the following year around the same time and I have no desires to study through UNISA for my lazy reasons really.  Now Writers' college wants a motivation letter of 200 characters as to why they must take me and then they trick me and say, I quote


 Don't worry, it isn't a test! We just want to know a bit about you"


Of course it’s a test silly and I will ace it, as soon as I can locate my creative cap. At the moment I don't know why they must take me but I know I want to study with them, isn’t that enough? I mean what's up with these trick questions, they are not at all amusing really. It's an online writing course and it is therefore very convenient for my stay abroad but I just can't seem to be able to give them reasons as to why they should take me. It’s totally incongruous that I am unable to write this because I tirelessly write about a lot of stuff all the days of my life. I write about everything, everyone, everywhere, things I have personally experienced and things I see those close to me experience and sometimes my mind flows and tell tales of things I have never experienced nor seen but on this one it seems I’ve reached the plateau of my demise.

What do I say? Why must they take me?