Love & everything in between

I didn't just fall in love with your soul that effortlessly carries me through the shadows of life and lays me comfortably on the knowledge that you'll almost or rather possibly never leave me

I also fell in love with everything in between

Like how you dance for me in between those unscented sheets that haunt me every time you are away.

Like how your hands look like when you grab the pillows as I let you enter paradise.

Like how you conveniently forget to flush the toilet or collect the mess you left on the floor just to piss me off, conveniently ... for you.

Like how you sincerely always forget to close your mouth when you yawn and manage to irritate me to passing out levels.

Like how you burp and see no reason to apologize, my little pig.

Like how you somehow always forget to close the door to the loo when you take a release.

Like how you bang the car door when you are upset thinking I will forget you didn't apologize.

I fell in love with all the pieces that make you what you really are behind closed doors where only I can see you.