Once upon a time

At the peak of that luminous day
The angry sun presented her discoveries to whoever dared to lend an ear
Her nemesis was to be tormented to lifelessness, she anticipated.
The sun finally uncovered the secrets of the dark, she boasted.
Fruitlessly she spoke of how the night relied on the moon to breathe
and told tales of how the stars sat next to the moon as if they were her offspring
she too desired a companion, more brighter than the stars of course
the rain always chased her away so she was no alternative
To her demise the jury failed to grasp the motive for her contest
That they showed unremitting favour to all that is brought into being at twilight
On that day she finally came to terms with the reality
that they both were created to reign on dissimilar times of the day
and that she was strong on her own, the empress of the day she was labelled
only then did she shine without jealousy
only then did she know her place in the kingdom
In the kingdom of the day she reigned
and they lived happily ever after