A poetry-inspired love affair

We sat in turmoil
reminiscing of where we have been
Smiling at the steps we took
dancing to the sounds of the night
Now we lay
soaking in questions that never will be blessed with answers
Eating from the crusts of our wounds
Drinking a sip from our tears
Peeling off the skin of what once was
Glued to the skies hoping that ray of light would wink our way
Told me get gone a million times
Never was believing of my love
Played a plaintiff on the stand of your heart
Hoping you'd favour my story
over the tales of blur told by your mind
That mind harbouring neglect
made you believe I'd reject
the memories we have planted in each other's souls
My mind sprints back to yesterday
at the mention of your name
remembering that arched back
as you moved poetry to my flesh
Wordless you have been
Recklessly we somehow believed
that our season is yet to come
for us to bask
in the lesson of yesterday
in the memory of the future
as we slowly hop to tomorrow
honouring all our trials
certain that hope is coming
to restore all we have lost
due to the cruel sun
that shone too bright
and took away the flakes of the snow
that kept the sparks of the fire
going haywire
to the sounds of our affections