You shared twilight
and sunlight with me
tied me down with knowledgeable conversations
as the sun peaked into noon
filled up my tummy
as we nibbled on how to face the world
you and I against the world
as we battled over the truth of our reality
hand in hand we strolled down the park of memories
shedding a tear or two as we spoke of tales that almost ended us
and then bursting into laughter like maniacs
coming to terms with what was
feasting on the delights of what now is
you naughty child
had me speaking in tongues
as you preached the word through sensual connections
had me pulling your hair
calling Abba father
as if you were my saviour
had me mumbling
words nonsensical
without meaning
as if I was possessed
you were the demon in me
no exorcist needed to heal me
you lioness
whispered careless nothings into my ears
had my toes curl up into my feet
unable to defy pleasure
my hands grabbing your flesh
head sunk into the ocean of your bosom
as we floated to a space that kept only you and I
when you sang poetry on every limb of my soul