I stand before you, a girl with no world to offer, asking you to remember me once more. I stand before you, my head buried in sin beseeching you to love me once more. Love me like yesterday, hold me like you'd hold the moon, caress me like you'd caress the scars of the sun, bask on my love like you would the rays of the sun, set on me like the sun sets on the horizon, tap to my caress like I was your favourite ballad, run to me like you'd run to the sounds of the music, seek refuge in me like I was your Goliath, humble me like I was your biblical saint. Hold on to me, to us to what we've become like I was your only sunshine, like I was best friend to the beat of your heart, like I was the sole of your feet, brush me tenderly like I was your prized painting, your prized silverware, hold on to me like that prized garment laying boldly on your bosom carrying you selflessly, hold me like I was your last encounter. I stand before you stained with shame, seeking redemption, seeking salvation in your arms, seeking my 5th second chance, imploring that you favour me once more.