The Intolerant homosexuals

We spent the 16th of June at the door of the ANC house demanding our voices to be heard. We sang aloud tunes seeking liberation from all the crimes of hate, we stood there pregnant with optimism hopeful that our pleas be heard and attended to. We carried the LGBTI flag as high as the stars dancing up and down in unison like the youth of '76 wailing to the gods of the government to lend us an ear. Aware that change does not happen overnight, we at least wanted someone of great influence to deem us worthy of their 10 second attention. We were the Hector Pietersen's of the millennium though the content of the battle differed; it was a battle as worthy of recognition.

But for what?

What is change if we the infamous LGBTI can't even spell the word with the way we live our lives? We seek the approval of a man whose world has been judged perfect by the world yet we are unable to approve of the whole LGBTI community. We speak acceptance yet we have tons of people within us we would be better off not knowing, we speak of unity yet we are as broken up as life and death. If you are gay, hooray, everyone is happy to be your friend, the cool friend who is 9 out of 10 chances broke, you are lesbian, how perfect, and we are even bold enough to say we wouldn't mind mothering kids who actually turned out to be lesbians.

And then cometh the bisexual, the confused, the greedy, we tell them to voetsek, get gone, to pick and court and stay there. We call them selfish because they prefer the best of both worlds; they are turned on by a dick as much as by pussy. Could it be that some of us envy their liberty to be? Could it be that some of us spend the day as one and then at night the other, are we at night victims or rather mistresses to the Adams of this world? The very Adam we would mind clothing with our spit if he dared say anything smart during the day, are we perhaps angry that they live at night what they can’t live at noon?

And then comes the rest, the transgender, the whatever who cares, who are they and why are they here we ask? Our miseducation will always determine how we perceive the world, whatever is easy to understand we are easy to love but whatever brings challenge to our mind allergic to change, we retaliate and resort to emotions such as hate.

How do we find the favour of men if we can’t favour our own?