Inspired by KingNovaMiu

She stood at the altar of my education
Preaching words of her past that sounded like my past
Such confidence she drove me to my knees
Had me wailing to my creator asking him to save her
Such arrogance as she spew out out the truth of my reality
Laying thick on me with great disrespect the news of my fall
Singing me to destruction with her truth
On the altar of my rebirth
She stood humming tunes of my failure
Exposing the heart that I wore on my sleeve when success met failure
She sang me to sleep with words of her past that sounded like my very past
She rained on me thoughts of yesterday when I was the other her
Bringing me to tears as I retraced my steps to yesteryear
That lonesome year that mothered the nightmares that still haunt me at night
She, the poetry woman spoke of my love for the jazz man camouflaged in the skin of a woman who paid no mind to the jazz
She spoke of my transgressions like they were forgiven
Cried in her words as she herself was the other her
Sang truth to my misery
Her words stole my heart
I wanted to be her saviour
Yearned to put to slumber all her pain
hoping to recreate new memories with my words meant to mend her
I longed to be her Aladdin
For she would be my Jasmine