The Good Wife

Subtitle:  the 80/20 affections

She stands messed up in my kitchen
Hair wet from all the sweating of her labour
Her bosom hanging for she has no time for the world's sexy woman title
Frets about the next meal
Chicken or beef? she always texts me around 5pm of every week day
Wrinkles bear witness to all her worries
Contemplating on how to share her time between dinner and her offspring's homework
No crease has ever set foot on my garments nor have I ever kissed her goodbye with no lunch on my hand
Umamasekhaya I've named her

Oh my Sunday afternoon delight
How professionally she lays on her bed
Dishes adorning her sink like the makeup on her face
Artistically she parts her lips in sensual conversations
Her legs managed to flee away from her satin covers
Butterflies roaming her room like bees owing to her expensive perfume
My summer time in the midst of winter
I honour her flawless beauty with kisses meant for my wife
I salute her skin with pleasure fated for her who said "I do" at the watch of many
But just before the street lights go on
I embrace her goodbye
Envisioning the bubble bath I know my wife has prepared for me
Umamasekhaya opens the door and embraces me as I walk in
As I break out in gags about the tales of my day
She tirelessly listens
Aware of my all my sexual transgressions
Revealed by the red lipstick on the collars of all my weekend shirts

© S Phohleli 2012/08/29