Crimes of Hate

This weekend was a very sad one for the LGBTI community, having to lay to rest 4 of our kind due to hate crimes and these 4 deaths were followed by another 4 which happened this very weekend. One lesbian named Busi was killed in Tembisa, a couple’s house was burnt down with them inside and the fourth lady’s death still remains mystery. I cannot begin to express how scared I am and how unsafe I think Johannesburg has become, in fact Gauteng at large is unsafe, we have no hiding place, we are been gotten rid off as if we are less human, like we are animals. We have become known for our sexuality, labelled less human or even dragons and sometimes devil worshippers because we find satisfaction in the Eve’s of this world. Pastors preaching against us as if they have been promised seats in the heavens. Our mothers and fathers disowning us because we didn’t turn out as well as the kids next door but in all their disappointments and disapprovals, we remained unchanged, we remain rooted in the skin of Eve, still we find comfort in our very own kind, we still remain what we were before their hate and crime.