I am the best portrayal of beautiful open wounds and a God-fearing woman. I love beautiful self-respecting women I love poetry, I write poetry, I think poetry and I will boldly say that I am wordsmith and I am currently educating myself about pictures and paintings. I may not be easily moved by paintings, I may not be driven to my knees by paintings of crying women and children but I understand their relevance. That kind of communication is still somewhat foreign to me. That kind of speaking is still on infant's level to me. The one thing I have found comfort in for as long as I have been old enough to see, talk, touch and reason is the art of words, the art of poetry. I would almost fall asleep in exhibitions of paintings and all the silent things but words revive me, they liberate me, they comfort me, they console me, they are the voice of God to humankind. If there is anything words have taught me, it is that I can be anything and everything I was destined to be, if the earth cannot physically make me into all I was destined to be, my mind will definitely dwell in such a state. I may not have been blessed with the gift to utter words to the masses but God has given me the gift to utter words to myself through writing and that for now is enough for my own liberation.