The postman

Mr Weatherman never made it on time

to deliver the state of my day

But it rained that day

The bakery truck never came

I'm still stuck on yesterday's crusts

The radio died at the traffic announcement

Too late to hear what I was meant to hear

My throat to be congested with pain

The doctor refused to sign me a sick letter

No excuse to tell my boss

Forced to swipe into the gate

Across the road you stood

Fate had her hands sitting on after O'clock

Tick Tock!  Could no more kill the suspense

Your head buried in the sand

Your words sat neatly on that note

Tears left the ink of your words in splatter

How carefully you avoided the "WE’s"

Only in caps were your alphabets clothed

Set to penetrate through my mind

Maybe I wouldn't ask you why

Knowing you owed me "why"

So I planned to ask you why

In a font smaller than the rest

stood the crux of your note

No italics could lessen the volume hidden behind your words

though you somehow tried

still nothing could shelter the storms wrapped in your tone

so you shouldn't have tried

No dots could hide the freedom in your words

So you should have just kept it plain

No art could put out of sight the orphan you have made of my heart

Not that I'm ungrateful

but gratitude won't bring you home

Truth was never meant to leave our hearts merry

Shyly you typed the conclusion to our story


was all you could have said

Your eyes already have told

of the mystery behind your recent sins

Your silence already confirmed

the distance that kept your heart

away from my longing arms

Across the road you stood

delivering the end of our times

What a sad Postman you always will be