I sang for you

You came to me already burdened with yesterday, already weary, already a non believer,  you came to me already wounded, clothed in fabrics that represented scars but somehow I thought I could save you, bring you to redemption with my words, the words that best sang the tunes of my heart. Fell in love with you until I stopped fighting it, truth was you were now a part of my soul, not even denial could alter that. Like a book I slowly opened the pages of my heart, fed you with all the knowledge of me, I thought you could tell of the impact you now had on me, I thought you could see how proudly I wore my heart on my sleeve, I thought you could see how barren life will be without you. I opened the legs of my heart, hoping you’d plant your seed of faith in me, hoping you’d feel the warmth of my soul, hoping you’d take a walk of revival within my soul, hoping you’d be born again. But there you stood, covered in sins of distrust, more doubtful than ever, pushed the doors of your heart on my face, breaking me to pieces with your disbelief and all I could do was sing for you, I sang for you, tunes meant to soothe your heart, hymns to turn you into a believer, I sang you scriptures to my heart but never have you been so deaf. Foolishly and blind to your truth that was my truth I sang on, soaked in tears I sang for you, hoping you’d see my tears, hear my cries, maybe see my heart. I stood there, waiting for you to tap to the melodies of my heart, waiting for you to be a believer, waiting for you to let me be your saviour. In words I sang for you, serenaded you with words meant to marinate your heart to deliverance.