It's been a while since I wrote a song for the ones I love, been decades long since I hummed tunes of deliverance, been almost never since I believed in the songs I sing, haven't at all tapped to melodies of hope now of late, kinda seems as if I have missed even the end of the rainbow. I find myself strolling under a tunnel that seems to have no end, listening to records that have cracked rhymes, listening to the poets that have lost inspiration, getting invitations to events that never will materialise, soaking my head in buckets that lack faith, dressed in garments that poses no healing, preaching to the masses that seek no gospel, dangling from the roof by a thread, wrists bearing cuts, lips buried in all that intoxicates and my mind conquered by pain. Here I am, standing bare foot, drenched in the taste of my own tears, head lifted up to the heaven seeking answers, fingers of faith crossed awaiting the rain to fall and maybe an answer to my supplications. If the rain isn't yet destined for me but can it rain on and for the ones I care for knowing that when it all falls on them some drops of salvation, drops of redemption will fall on the follicle of my hair and that for now is enough.