Mystery uncovered - Crimes of hate Part 2

The 4th lesbian

The mystery has now been revealed to me as to how this comrade was put to sleep, she was apparently gunned down in Nyanga. This lady was "gunned down" meaning her death was no mistake; it was a well planned deed, a brutal act. These men had all the time in the world to see to it that her spirit and her body were no longer one. If they had so much time to gun her down, they also had time to do other things to her that we will never know before silencing her. I can just imagine how proud they were after "saving the world" by silencing this "thing" as I'm sure they called her. Imagine as they climaxed in laughter as they patted themselves on the back singing "ifile lento", walking away from their sins, leaving behind a soul disconnected from flesh. I can also imagine them dedicating every bottle of cider to their success as they drank away this "problem" they helped get rid of. Did the blood of human stop haunting the perpetrators? Awusekho umvandedwa? What happened to that little voice that tells us right from wrong? Has the world become so inhuman, so cold that we are able live with human blood dripping from our hands without shame, without disgust, without conviction? Are we now able to live our lives freely knowing we mothered the loss of a child to a mother? Has God fled from this world and are we now under Lucifer's yoke? Sexuality over life? Greed over mercy? Sin over salvation? Wrong over right? Lucifer over Christ? We now sit at the edge of our fall, sipping from our pain, feasting on our overflowing plate of despair, acknowledging our failure, angrier than before, fucking harder and more passionately than ever, more unsure than ever, raising our eyebrows to whomever will lend an ear, maybe an army, willing to submit even to the darkest of angels no matter the conditions of their favour. Who will save the "queens of the damned"? Jesus? Satan? Anyone?