Letters to my Rainbow

It's been a while since I saw you face to face, since our skins sang the same song, and danced to the same jam. Lately we have relied on the sound of our voices, tapping to memories that we once upon a time shared. Lately we have moaned pleasure through the wire; certain it can never take away the scent of our physical interactions. Lately I have heard you cry, too far to mend you complete, too far to dry your tears, too far to hold you tight but my words I have given you, a bucket full of words hoping they'd last you long enough till you lay in my arms once more
How I miss your careless laugh, that hooligan kind of laughter that leave me in stitches of embarrassment, that un-lady like smile you shed on me like light, how I miss the feel of your hair on the tip of my fingers, the tone of your voice when we host sexual devotions, how I miss to bask in our loud silence, to bask in our historical conversations.
I cannot pledge to take away the storms of your heart, the calamity in your world, but I can make you smile through the storms, through the pain. I pledge to make you mine against all odds