Talk to me

Lay on me thick the words seeking freedom
Lay on me hard the words liberating so as to liberate me
Talk to me
Do that thing with your eyes, damn you always leave me hung up on you
Lure me to your world with words stimulating
Be my stimulant, peak me high with your words
Hold me tight with words,
up and down play with me,
make me call your name in words meant only to please you,
drive me insane with words only your touch can decipher,
control me,
oh laugh a little like you always do when you have me at levels begging for your mercy,

that evil sexy laugh kinda turns me on to levels too embarrassing to express,
twirl your words around my sacred being
Rub your words against my skin let's talk chemistry
Tap on me with words only we can hear
Murmur to me words only you can hear
In foreign languages let's converse seeking no understanding
All around the world with your mere words let me travel to worlds unknown
And when you please
When you are fully feasted
Fully liberated
Release me
To life