The spirit of life

Pills lined up to serenade me in
Pain has successfully consumed me
Human life is not for me
Purposed to harm me
Sabotage and I have been "oned"
The angels of the afterlife await my arrival
Too exhausted to survive
Attempts to try to live now tiresome
Drenched in tears
In utter state of despair I dwelled
A product of disappointment I am
My appointment with the devil to materialize, such excitement
Sealed the last envelope
Smsed the last text
Heard the last voice
Prayed the last prayer
Ready and set to fly away
Away from the flesh that confined my liberty
Cried a bucket some more
pills laying beautifully on my palm
Water stood crystal next to me
Set to quench away the life in me
And then the spirit called
Camouflaged in the tone of my mother
Summoned me a second fifth chance
Conjured within me a heart willing to live