Finally two decades and a half

My birthday finally came and my friends tried to make it the best day of my life. I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door at 12am and I was very irritated. I was living my life large in that dream and that piercing knock was taking away my cool. It was Odette, with a big chocolate cake in her hands, her and Nomonde singing the classic "Happy birthday" song with smiles on their faces that I wouldn't trade for anything. I was humbled, moved to tears, I haven't smiled like that in a long while. Have been hit hard by life that I thought my day would not be any different of a day. I was spoilt rotten throughout the day, sadness consumed me a little when alone but they were there, knowing exactly that my world has recently been disrupted, they stood there dressed in smiles as if it were their favourite garment, faces overflowing with patience, voices a loud as a lion roar, singing happy tunes, bodies flowing like water as they danced to the music they played. Like a child they treated me, from the cleaning of my place, packing away of my clothes which are always all over the floor, making of my bed, doing my hair and the dinner, Lord they even helped me bath and dressed me just like a baby. Everything was perfect, I couldn’t change it in any way, I may not have spent it with all the people that I love but it was a perfect day. I felt happy and that feeling I haven’t felt in a long while. I truly am blessed and it is in such times that true friends will manifest themselves. Oh but I love those women.