The forbidden fruit you were

Defied nature so I could play hide and seek with you

Against all odds I came for you

Beat the winds of rejection to make you see

Determined to make you notice

that hand I waved as I screamed hello

in pursuit to catch your eye

Trying to be louder than the birds in your mind

Against the traffic of your thoughts

I serenaded you with the words of truth

Without wealth I stood before you

Vouching with my mere words that I will treat you well

Like a Goddess I will honour you

My empress of love I will shower you with only affection

Without a crown of my own I vowed to handle you like royalty

Make you smile brighter than the sun

Like the moon I will brighten even the darkest of nights

I will bring you every star so you can make that wish

Like Pocohantas I buried my soul in yours without the approval of the elders

Against the authority of our forefathers we fell in love