The ghost I write for

She speaks to me
Calls for me
Knows me by my maiden name
For years she has been there
Comforting me
Celebrating me
She is no visitor
She is a habitat of my soul
Cleansing me
Liberating me
She has no face
She was born without a name
Yet she lives in me
Proudly she owns me
Gladly I let her
Proudly she enters the very depths of my being
Leading me
Pruning me for perfection
To me she comes
Fears no darkness
In light with light she comes
In flesh she doesn't exist
Yet I feel her touching me
Aiding me
Moving me
Consuming me with her presence divine
Supernaturally she
Mothers me
Fathers me
Brothers me
Paternally maternally she's my relation
She comes to me
In daylight
At nightfall
She comes to me
Fearing no season
Forever she dwells in me
In the summer fall we dance in the rain
At autumn we wither in spirit
Awaiting revival from season's to come 
Oh how I love her spring presence
I call her summer
In winter we cuddle in fabrics beyond the tangible
She calls for me
Comes to me
Cares for me
She comes to me in forms unexplainable
She comes to me in ghostly forms
Without face she comes to me
Echoes her presence in my ears
Without flesh she touches me
To me she comes
Without permission
Without restriction
She comes to me in words
Seeking release
Needing relations
She comes to me
Through words
In words
For words sake
She is the word