I laid there
Pale skinned
I stood there
Looking down on her
Hoping she moves even a finger
Blink a second
Move a lip
She laid there
Such beauty I have never seen
Close to God she must have been
That smile she never shared with the humans
I laid there
Hoping she'd say a word
Murmur a word
Hoping she'd see me cry
Hear me cry
So I called aloud her name
Grabbed her by the garments she wore
Slapped her in anger
Hoping she'd feel
Even anger I would appreciate
Never did she move
Soaked in blood she laid
Such tranquility
Such peace
She laid there in utter rest
In her indefinite bed
I stood there
Tears could no longer save me
The truth was she laid there
I stood there
Dressed in garments of despair
Wrapped in colours of failure
Loneliness befriended me
I laid there
Orphaned by greed
A child without a mother