Abba Father

Ambushed by the thieves of life
Tested by the authors of time
Life stood still as I buried a soul
Abba Father
I hailed to my creator
seeking his face
that seemed buried in the mud
Winds brushed the life off my cheeks
Cracks of life, marinaded by sorrow
Tears, a fountain of agony
No difference between my skin and pain
Abba Father
I yielded my soul to whoever would take it
Perplexed, my life took detour to misery
Abba Father
I wept to my redeemer
Mugged by the deathly hallows
Stripped off of faith
Nearing to an end bucket of patience
Abba Father
I grovelled to the heir of the Kingdom
In garments of despair I hummed tunes seeking redemption
Abba Father
I married the night of darkness
Seeking light at nightfall
Calling whomever would lend an ear
Abba Father
I felt him run his fingers of falsity down my spine
Wrapped in all that glitters he stood
To never wither he pleaded to remain
His facade as old as time
Dressed in fabrics of tricks
Fixated I stood at the edge of glory
Counting the coins of my decease veiled with wealth
He offered me the time of yesterday
Abba Father
I took a wrong turn in the right lane
Turned a blind eye to his flashy promises
One by one I ate from my wounds
Abba Father
Why have you forsaken me?