You have embedded your soul within mine
I have seen you cry a river
I want to keep out of harms’ way
We have become imprinted to each other
Our souls helplessly tangled
Never to be disentangled
My faultless kinda obsession
My natural kinda high
My daily spiritual fix
My dangerous prescription
The warmth of your arms I always long for
In my sleep
I taste you
Feast on thoughts that make you human
My lips shudder
At the thought of your juices
Dripping down like honey
My eyes wander around
Searching for your presence
Wanting to touch you
Caress your from the depths of your soul
I frisson at the sight of your legs wrapped around my upper body
Like a crown you wrap them around my head
Like a sexual demon
I gaze at your sacred spot
Fondling her like she can speak
Adorning her with every lick from my tongue
She drips like a fountain
A heavenly stream
Wet adorations
Sticky celebrations
In thanksgiving
I swallow your wet offerings
With gushes of sexual pleasures
I honour you
Affording you with
The wet sticky rewards