1 2 3 we sat

We sat together

all 3 of us

but the only 2 of us

could feel the cold breeze

only we could feel the brutality of that moment

3 of us

we sat there

you and I

Just the 2 of us,

paying no mind to number 3

Who crowded us

blessed we were that she was there

else we would have become history

to the land that kept us


we argued

painful gazes

apologies unwelcome

as we sat there

unable to construct even a sentence

yet we couldn't leave the space

that led to our destruction

couldn't lose each other to such silence

all 3 of us

we sat

just the 2 of us

entertaining loneliness

yet you sat next to me

I sat next to you

coldest moment of our lives

never have quarrels become so threatening

never have words become so permanent

on the edge of letting go we stood

holding on by the thread

that was our love

actions proved love inadequate

intentions too late to be questioned

the 3 of us

sat in silence

louder than words

you crying

me pleading

for a 3rd second chance

to do love you

to care for you

to make you proud

to make you mine

the 3 of us it was

lost for words you were

nothing left to believe in

the words from my mouth found no home in you

and you left the room

leaving the 2 of us

in question