How do I put to words the heights to which you once made my heart leap?
So surreal you made me believe in the heavens
You made my heart dance for life when your presence clouded my space
We kissed, caressed and made love, together we became untouchable
Together we were untouchable, inseparable, together we were absorbed into one, you were my world, I was your world, our souls spoke of one as if we were born of one
You were my ticket to heaven
You were my heaven on earth
You made of me a believer
I believed in the power of two
How two souls can be so tangled in each other's soul they became one
Together we were one
Buhlebandalo, sana lwam, Nzwanekazi, san'olubomvu I beg of you to create within me once more a believer
Resurrect within me the dancer you once made of my heart
I await your love to give rise to what was once us
© S Phohleli 2012/03/16