After All's said and done

Maybe I should cry
Just so you can see how in anguish I am that I can't seem to make your world whole
Maybe I should break down
Just so you can see how wrecked I am because you are wrecked
Maybe I should stop dreaming
Just so you can see just how much I love being in your dreams
Maybe I should give in
Just so you can see how perfect holding on to you, us, made me feel
But I won't
You have poured onto me words of hope
Words so beautiful, regret is the word that has found no home in me
How I wish I could be your Hercules and carry you away from all that aches
How I wish I could dry all your tears away
Hold you so tight that misery becomes a stranger
How I wish I could kiss you so beautifully your life automatically translates magic
How I wish I can mend your broken heart and give you the hope you have blessed me with
All that's found home in us of late is war
Every word uttered leads to world war II
I don't know what you want to say
I don't know what I want to say
I've stepped into a state of befuddles
So confused at the fact that I have so much beauty to shower with but I can't seem to do or say right by you
You drive me up the wall; I have more than once pulled my hair out strand by strand owing to you
Have made me cry words so stained I wanted to hurt you
Have made me crazy with fury because you talk too much
Have had dreams of shoving my foot down your throat so you can stop talking the shit you speak so lightly
In all the rage and tears no one can make me happy like you do
No one completes my dreams like you do
You have made me royalty by virtue of your love
After all’s said and done, your arms remain my hiding place
Place so warm that all that aches sprints away when your presence cloud my place
You are my refuge, that very being whose existence has made my own existence possible

                                                                                                                      © Sizakele Phohleli 05/03/2012