Blissful agony

You have created within me a victim
Bashing me with your love in places I never knew found residence in my skin
Whipped me with your adoration painlessly, I live to tell the tales
Suffocating me with sweet love, death I care less for
Pushing me against the walls of your heart, asking me to stay with you, I don't intend to leave 
Got bruises of your affection all over my body, blissful agony
Weakened my limbs with your undivided attention u afford me with effortlessly
Suffocating me with the pillows of your arms, it feels like home
Strangling me with your care, I still bear the love bites
Kicking me down with the foot of your heart it feels good
Pulling me forcefully with your sweet tone saying beautiful words to me
Knocking me sideways with fists full of angelic melodies, my soulful song you are
Held me captive in your heart, liberate me not
Blocked my vision, hijacking my dreams, all I see is you, leave me alone not
So happy in love I'm unhappy as I don’t know how long you intend to stick around for

Would I be all up in your grill if I asked you to promise me forever?
Mishandle me with your love all you desire, I delight in your dwelling in my heart
© S Phohleli 2012-04-20