Love struck

You told me you had your ties

Being the other woman was better than being nothing at all

Who was I to want anything more?

Made me believe having you was a privilege so I worshipped the grounds you leisurely walked on

Limited my access, always had reasons that made sense, they had to make sense

Called me to my place a million times, like a child I obeyed

I didn't care as long as we had our time

5 minutes was better than no time at all

I was insatiable, made me believe I was selfish to ever seek more than was on offer

So I remained within the boundaries without question

Who was I to question the rules you cautiously laid for me

Wasn’t gonna dare risk the little we had for the more I now wanted

At least I still had you

You were gonna leave her for me, you promised

We celebrated as I let you enter your way into my soul

Your battles with her were my entrance into your world undisturbed and unrestricted

A million days down the line

Your rules are the same

Promises still pending

Your ties now stronger

And still I remain, the other woman

© S Phohleli 2012-04-26