Here I am

Here I am
lying on my bed
Memories of you roaming my mind
where are you?
Did you stop crying?
I'm here
Waiting for you
Say something
Tell me you still care
Tell me you miss me
Tell me you meant every word
Tell me you haven't let me go
Let me know your heart still beats for me
Here I am
Thinking slowly
Heart beating fast
Tears rolling down my eyes
Wishing you were here
Holding me alright
Kissing me to slumber
Here I am
Asking the world to reveal you to me
Nights are cold
Eyes seek no slumber
Pain and I breathe the same air
Here I am
Wondering are you okay?
Has the world kissed you goodnight?
Has pain left your side?
Has happiness come yet?
Have you forgotten about me?
Here I am
Wishing you were here with me
Wishing I was there with you
Wishing we were together
Here I am
Seeking comfort
Seeking the sound of your voice
Missing the smile on your face
Traces of your touch still visible on my skin
Still hanging onto the scent of your skin
Here I am
Without you
Without me
Without us
Here I am
It's too late
I've lost you
I've made you cry
Here I am
Soaked in regrets
Wrapped in memories of us
Here I am
Awaiting your return
Here I am
My heart seeks your shepherd-ship

Please come home

© S Phohleli 2012-04-18