Usher Climaxes

So everyone has been making a big whooha of Mr Raymond's new song "Climax". I haven't listened to this song at all because of my always wanting to oppose all things unnecessarily hyped (or whatever) but I'm tempted to follow the crowd and not buy the album but download this very blown outta proportion track.
What is the big deal really I still wanna know, and because of my negativity towards this "sexy" track already I knowing myself know that I will not conclude anything good about it at all
I know the first thing that glued people to this song is the title as if they have never reached that sexual peak in their lives, cahmon it's just climaxing, we were all (whatever financial stage in our lives) destined to reach this height of sexual satisfaction in our lives so why make this very track such big of a deal?
I'm sure we have all reached that sexual realm that makes u live in the world of your own, allowing pleasure from only your sexual punisher, to reach that point of total vulnerability that if your giver decided to stop doing what they do to you, you'd explode with tears, begging them to be at it on you again, to be at a level of self sacrifice that you would agree to give up all that you hold dear to your heart just so they can lead you to that very destination unholy that even the holy one's make an escape to....
So what is the big deal about this song?
Is it because people feel that Mr Raymond has reached a stage foreign to them? Of course it is foreign to them, it is foreign to all of us, sexual pleasures even if they take us to the same place of release and utter relief, the routes getting there differ, making the world of sexual celebrations unique, mysterious and exciting. It is because of this main difference that a wife leaves her husband to be fucked by another being who according to her takes her to that place unholy cluttered with holy sin not even her husband is able to, furthermore, it is for this reason that a man will leave his wife and pay to be taken to this destination, because the paid for satisfaction will perform unrestricted, paying no mind to what you think of her, performing moves on you that makes it okay for you to call her a slut, but it is still unmentionable for a wife to do to a man what sluts are known for without being accused of cheating, being asked "Baby, where did you learn that"? Who taught you that Siza, who?  (A topic for another day).

So basically, one way or the other, we all (by fate) reach this epic stage of sexual pleasure, paying no mind to how we decide to embark on the journey to get us there...
So what is the big deal of Usher's song?
I'm still unsure as to whether I wanna succumb to peer pressure and listen to this jam...maybe I should

Maybe not