*Struggling with this note*

Trying to hide the passion buried beneath my eyes, I look at you

I have undressed you unauthorized, you look so beautiful

We have made love without physical contact, so magical
Kissed without the touching of lips, so seductive

You made a movie of my life
Daily I replay the sound of your voice, directing you to my heart, editing the words we utter so we can be perfect, and setting to play every emotion as we go live, role playing our perfect love affair and we stop not

You have made a musician of me
Humming tunes, hitting every note with perfection as I sing my lungs out thanking the universe for your presence

Oh such poetry you have made of my life
Spitting words of glory worshipping your creator

You have made of me a murderer
One by one I have put to sleep everyone who has caused you pain, lock me up, I deserve no parole, as long as you are pain free

10 foot deep, my claws have gone in your soul

Rescue me not; I want to sink in your world,
Left no trace behind I pleasure in how lost in you I have become