Lost believer

 I think I have lost you
to a point of no return

a point where no even my shedding of tears can bring you back

You have turned deaf to my cries

Show no interest to my conversations

Where did I go wrong?

What can I do to make you believe in me once more?

What can I say to have you stop and listen when I talk?

I know the world has scarred you

I promised to never hurt you but you don't believe

At what point did my words become worthless to you?

Have we lost us?

Do I keep trying to re-incarnate us?

Anything I can do to redeem myself?

Anything I can say to lead us to salvation?
Anything song I can sing to lead you to my arms?

Any poems I can recite to win your faith again?

Any words I can create to make you listen?

For whose sin am I paying the price?

I think I have paid it in full