*Corporate Affairs*

Got to the office a lil’ bit late  today because the traffic was terrible. Stop that... it was terrible, I didn't make that up. Anyway, here I was minding my own business (Yeah I said it...contrary to popular belief, I can and was minding my own business), tryna hide the fact that I was late, though I failed because my boss saw me coming in, Lol. So like I was saying, as I was minding my own business with great success, setting up my work station and for a second something outta this world happened, this (name withheld intentionally to avoid serious beatings but I will call her Britney, she looks like Brit, well I mean before Britney lost it) lady who is my colleague who is sizzling, absolutely dazzling, was walking to the kitchen to make tea and BOOM!!!! Something hit me, it literally slapped me in the face, the revelation I mean. She makes tea every morning with her guy buddies, it's a routine the whole office knows about but today was different, she was the same but different this morning. She was dressed in black leggings, black boots, a jersey long enough to cover just her ass and left her blonde hair loose, such beauty makes me appreciate being lesbian. She was so simple  but she was just remarkably striking. Back to the moment that left me speechless, so as I was psychotically secretly staring at her as she was walking to the kitchen, this sad truth came to me, I am seriously crushing on Brit. OMW she is the only white girl I would do, she is a perfect painting of the white lesbian I would willingly offer myself to or rather pay to have her fuck me or vice versa. She has anger issues, I have seen her bang chairs and desks in the office out of frustrations but I can overlook that, I mean who is perfect in this world? She is just startlingly beautiful, her height is just perfect for me and the way she walks melts my hard-core clit to H2O, she just grates my tits to a million pieces by just saying Hi to me, she is just perfect, yeah yeah she may not have big boobs, but cahmon she still has boobs that would fit my hands perfectly and that is just enough for me. She smokes and just for her, it is okay, in fact I find it sexy. We once in a while have conversations (briefly of course) and she or rather we greet each other every day but I always take it personal, she obviously greets everyone on the floor because it is common courtesy but I have deemed her greetings to me are somewhat special and yes I know it is a lie but this very lie helps me through the 8 hours I spend in the office. Oh Brit “Don’t let me be the last to know”, my fav track by Miss Spears.