Celebrate life

Forgive when you still can
Seek redemption while there still is a chance
Cry when it still hurts
Let wounds heal before they become scars
Speak out if it doesn't sit well with you
Kiss it when it still makes you happy
Smile when it still brings you joy
Hold on tight when it is  still worth keeping near
Leave before you are held captive
Speak the truth when lies blow your cover
Let go, God's will always prevail
Cover your heart up whenever you still have control
Dance when you still can hear the song
Forgive yourself
Move on when the chapter ends, stop trying to write tales on closed books
Ask for second chances while they are still on offer
Open your mind wider than your eyes
Listen more than you utter
Keep your pride while remaining humble
Respect mankind
Intercede when you seek supernatural spiritual interventions and liberation
Pray in health, wealth and sickness
Repent when you have erred
Be thankful for today
Worship always
If you can't do it for God, do it for yourself, never do it for anyone who is neither God nor yourself
Celebrate the life you were called for
Life is borrowed
Immortality is not for the humans
Take no short cuts
Allow no detours
Learn more than you regret if you must regret
It's okay if they hurt you, who else are they suppose to hurt?
What's so special about you that you think you should have been excused from pain?
How are you supposed to lift the broken hearted if you never wore a heart that once broke?
How are you supposed to speak life to the lifeless if you never were lifeless?
How are you supposed to hold dear anything if you never lost anything?
How are you supposed to laugh if you have never wept?
How are you expected to appreciate God if you never felt alone and abandoned?
How are you supposed to speak life if death never touched you?
How dare you think this burden is too much for you, no one else has it easy, it is for this reason that we have closed doors.
How dare you think you are better than Jesus, even he the heir of Heaven, the creator of Heaven and earth was wounded...wounded that you might find comfort in suffering
So many times we want to be victims of life than be heirs of the kingdom as biblically promised
Wipe that look of despair you have on that beautiful face and live life
Tomorrow will birth a new sun and moon
Life is precious
It is borrowed
Celebrate it