Good morning

Hold me tight like your favourite teddy bear
Lay on me, so comfortably, without worry like your corner couch
Fight for me; go up and down looking for me like your remote
Make me, mend me, and wipe away dirt like you do your bed
Sip from my love like your morning tea
Let me excite you like your buffet brunch
Step into my territory like you do your shower cubicle
Like the water falling on your head, let me free you
Rub me against your skin like that strawberry shower gel
Brush my nightmares away like you do your teeth in the morning
Carry me around your chest like how your bra carries your bosom
Tie me and all my worries around your waist like your favourite belt
Apply your words on me gently and meticulously like your pink gloss
Run your fingers on my lips like your glass of wine as you prepare for the day
Remember me always like your Blackberry
Call a search on me when you can’t find me like your favourite pet