The mess we made

Here I am, sitting alone in the midst of the crowd, drenched in silence in the midst of a rebellious dance floor noise, thinking, wondering what made such a mess of us, were we too careful not to love each other this much that when we realized our failure we became one another's destruction? Could we have done it any better, said words any softer, loved each other any lighter? Could we have opted for anything different to what we now stand for given a chance? Coulda, woulda, shoulda remains immaterial, we are what we r now, for what we are and how we chose to be,  alive under the circumstances, sadly rooted in the pits of each other's soul with no one to save us but ourselves. Joyously we remain in this calamity, seeking no salvation, what else is to save us if not our love, what else is to become our redeemer if we can't even redeem ourselves with the love we share for each other, at what point did love stop being the greatest breast plate, when did the armour of love lose its power?

Silence has now found the voice, you are speaking to me, almost I feel like I've won the lottery, I feel like I have be released bail free from the confinement of being far from you, you are here, drenched in the same tears that have found home in me, as confused as we ever will be combined, hurt beyond any man's comprehension, your heart still on the platter of faith for me to mend, my hands shaky as I am scared I will again break it beyond redemption. I won't hurt you, I will make you whole again even if it's for a minute, I can't sing you promises to walk fault free in your eyes, I won't dance to the tunes of I will be perfect for you just for you to stick around, I come to you, covered in human flesh, bashed and bearing all the traits that qualify me human, wearing the smile silently promising to be less human if that means keeping you around, however I have no surety but my heart should I fail to deliver in full, will that be enough?. I come to you as I am, wrapped in imperfections, soaked in fears and doubts, hoping you take me as I am...hoping it's enough to make you notice me once more.