Filthy spaces

Inspired by Nomonde and we co-wrote it (well a bit). So cute!!!!

Dirty places
Led to filthy spaces
Praises rose to filthy traces
Giving birth to emotions
Bringing about excitosis
For you mother places
Bearing traces of spaces
Dirty of love bearing traces
Dirty enough to revive places
Filthy of emotions
Telling tales of places
That gave birth to such spaces
Leading to traces
Of emotions
From filthy places


For filthy traces result to dirty places
These places
so familiar
where we were
where we existed
in time
accumulating memories
leaving traces


You left memories
Defining moments
Of weakness
From places of happiness
You said it
Would be perfect
Was perfected in places
Wearing traces
Filthy of explosions
Of emotions
Wrapped in traces
Perfect in happiness