love letter

You are the words
You are the paper
Your love is the ink
I write tales of happiness
I have dined with the angels because you fell in love with me
You defied destiny
Loved me beyond fate's approval
You defied me
Loved me for myself, something destiny failed to afford me with
You are the words I want to hum till I become lifeless
That very paper that has held me captive in happiness
You have splashed me with the ink of your love, leaving me stained with joy
You are the letter of love that got delayed in the mail, Mr post man has a grudge on me
Finally you are here,  and I can't put you down
Dear you, dear me, hold me dear to you
Faithfully yours, faithfully mine, be mine beyond the post office boundaries,
Turn a blind eye to every post man who wants to steal you from me
the letters of love have become a part of me, you are my love letter
Signed, sealed and delivered to my heart