"I am Sorry Nkateko"

So I started a Tumblr just to advertise my blog, everything in there is the same as what's on my blog to, so it is merely for advertising purposes. And it was also for me a way to read and track the work of my favourite writers. I have had the Tumblr for like a month now and I neglected to tell my friend about it because she would be like upset and I don't know why I thought that but I know she would have been upset if she found that out so I kept it from her. I was gonna tell her but just not yet.
Because nothing stays in the dark forever, she was struggling to log into her Tumblr so she asked if she could use my PC and as she went to Tumblr... BOOM!!! I was logged on, Gay Kinda Love (She saw Follow and dashboard and it was over, I was a goner)...such awkwardness I have never experienced. I tried laughing it off but the tension was too thick, even laughter couldn't remedy the situation, she felt almost betrayed. Wanted to pack up and leave but I didn't, I was in the wrong and I tried to apologise, well I apologised proper and I just hope she understands or will one day understand.
The Cinnamon Author