because "I love you"

Back and forth we go, trying to make up for what the past cost us, in return, to honor those who have caused us harm we become worse than they were, hurting each other, saying things we don't mean, crying tears knowing more is to come, sadly we remain tangled, tangled in each other's hearts, no matter how hard we try to fight it, no matter the words we utter to ignore it, we are here in the same skins but now harder, mad as hell at each other, having failed each other dismally, yet we remain, rooted in what heals both of us, the common denominator, the love we have each other, the immeasurable kind of affection, the dangerous kind of love, we cry, we hurt, and then we complete each other, we make each other smile, to the pits of our souls we are taken in love, in love with each other but still we remain, cats and dogs at it, using the very claws that have become buried deep down in each other's souls to scratch each other, no apology can make it better, we have hurt each other beyond redemption yet we love each other, insanely beyond what we were ever willing to put on the table.